Tan Rongxing Interview: Focusing On The Development Needs Of The Industry, The One Fixed Linear Axis Driving Vacuum Cylinder

With the development of China’s economy, industrial engineering is facing great opportunities and challenges, under the requirements of the market, the industrial engineering industry has put forward higher requirements for power devices.

As a well-known industrial engineering engineer in China, Tan Rongxing has long been engaged in related work in the field of industrial engineering. By planning and managing the product development strategies of Guangzhou Junhe Mechanical Equimpment CO., LTD and Mack Automation LLC and personally guiding specific R&D projects, he has accumulated rich experience in design, development, testing and evaluation and solid professional knowledge, and has gained high visibility and influence in the industry. After years of practice and summary, Tan Rongxing has mastered the knowledge of vacuum cylinders, pneumatic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders and motion components in the automation industry, and has made great achievements in vacuum cylinders.

Tan Rongxing is one of the few vacuum cylinder experts in China and has absolute authority in the field. On the basis of a large number of careful market research, combined with his own practical experience, he analyzed the development status, supply and demand, competitive pattern, profitability and development trend of China’s vacuum cylinder market, transformed the traditional vacuum cylinder, and pioneered a vacuum cylinder with a fixed axis and straight line-“A Vacuum Cylinder With A Non-rotation Linear Motion Piston”, successfully solving the position offset problem caused by the difficulty of fixing the peripheral position of the piston in the vacuum cylinder.

In the interview, Tan Rongxing told reporters, “The working principle of the cylinder is to convert the pressure of compressed air into mechanical energy through the pneumatic transmission, so that the piston head pushes the cylinder piston and achieves reciprocating movement.” This way of working allows the piston head to rotate in the cylinder body, but it also brings problems-after a long period of reciprocating movement of the cylinder, the piston position in the circumferential direction will be deflected, which in turn will affect the normal operation of the machine.

“My researchers and I made changes to the cylinder structure of the traditional vacuum cylinder and solved the above problem perfectly,” Tan Rongxing told reporters with a smile. Specifically, the structural characteristics of the fixed linear axis driving vacuum cylinder are as follows: (1) a second cylindrical cavity is provided inside the cylinder body, and the first cylindrical cavity is provided at the bottom of the second cylindrical cavity, and the first cylindrical cavity and the second cylindrical cavity are connected by a ladder setting; (2) In the coaxial part of the cylinder body, a piston device is provided, and the piston head is installed on the top of the piston, so that the piston head can move up and down along the second cylindrical cavity; (3) The piston is designed as a hollow structure with the upper and lower ends interconnected, and an opening connected with the piston is opened at the top of the piston head, and an air outlet is opened at the top of the side of the second cylindrical cavity to connect the inside of the piston and the inside of the cylinder body; (4) The other end of the piston extends from the first cylindrical cavity to the outside of the cylinder body; (5) Coaxial connection of the shaft at the bottom of the cylinder body, so that the shaft barrel and the piston form a coaxial device; (6) At least a set of set of ball holes and corresponding limit grooves are provided on the inner surface of the bushing for the piston limit, so that the piston can only be extended and retracted and cannot be rotated, so as to finally achieve the purpose of fixing the piston circumferentially, so that it can only carry out axial linear movement.

Ordinary vacuum cylinders and fixed linear axis driving vacuum cylinders are two cylinder devices that are very different. “Although the basic principle of the two is the same, it is formed by the interaction of two sealed barrels to form an internal and external pressure difference, and then the hollow piston rod is used to connect the vacuum generator for ventilation, and then a vacuum situation is generated to complete the adsorption and movement of the material.” Tan Rongxing said, “But the fixed linear axis driving vacuum cylinder is not a simple upgrade iteration of the ordinary vacuum cylinder, in addition to the appearance and specific working methods of the difference, the invention of the fixed linear axis driving vacuum cylinder has extraordinary social significance, its emergence has an important impact on the vacuum cylinder field and related industrial chains. ”

The reporter learned that compared with the traditional vacuum cylinder, the vacuum cylinder running in a straight line with a fixed axis is faster, the output force is greater, and the adjustment of the working speed is also easier. In addition, the re-design of the fixed linear axis driving vacuum cylinder, in addition to having the advantages of simple and non-polluting the traditional vacuum cylinder exhaust treatment, but also prolongs the service life and effectively reduces the cost of machine maintenance; Improved resource utilization and greatly reduced operating costs. Therefore, the invention and input output of the fixed linear axis driving vacuum cylinder provides a new investment opportunity and a reference mode of operation for vacuum cylinder manufacturers, circulation enterprises and retailers.

At the end of the interview, Tan Rongxing expressed some of his views on the development prospects of vacuum cylinders: “As far as the current market situation is concerned, China’s vacuum cylinder industry is affected by the development of the industrial engineering industry and is in a stage of rapid development, and the broad development space has attracted more and more investors to pour into this market. Therefore, from the perspective of market competition, all relevant enterprises must always pay attention to the development trend of the industry and the changes in supply and demand of the market, specifically analyze the market segment where their products are located, make scientific judgments on the supply and demand trends and industry prospects of the overall market of the vacuum cylinder industry, and timely use information technology to improve the core competitiveness of their own enterprises. ”


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