TGS 2019 is beginning soon, with major titles such as Death Stranding, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Ghost of Tsushima all set to feature.

Death Stranding fans look set to finally get a closer look at how Hideo Kojima’s latest title will play.

After years of mysterious trailers being dropped TGS 2019 will see a massive Death Stranding gameplay blowout.

In total 80 minutes of gameplay of Death Stranding is set to feature during the Tokyo Game Show.

Death Stranding will feature across multiple events throughout TGS 2019.

On Thursday September 12 around 50 minutes of Death Stranding gameplay will be showcased – the most ever shown so far.

Then, on Saturday September 14 another 30 minutes of Death Stranding gameplay will debut.

And then finally on Sunday September 15 the cast of Death Stranding and Kojima-san will take to the stage at TGS.

The last time Death Stranding gameplay featured was during Gamescom 2019.

All that mainly was shown was the exploration mechanics, as well how players will need to soothe the ‘Bridge Babies’ at times.

Hopefully during TGS 2019 we’ll see more of the Death Stranding combat and what encounters with the huge, ink-like monsters are like.

Elsewhere during TGS 2019 another hugely anticipated PS4 title, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, is set to make a big splash.

It’s expected that the focus of the Tokyo Game Show presentation will be the reveal of the Shinra characters in the FF7 Remake.

So, it’s likely that nefarious characters such as Rufus and the Turks will feature during TGS 2019.

Fans may also be keeping their fingers crossed that the FF7 Remake demo that was playable at E3 and Gamescom may get a public release.

Elsewhere, it’s emerged that PS4 exclusive Ghost of Tsushima is set to make an appearance during the Tokyo Game Show.

However, Sucker Punch has confirmed that it’s likely only old trailers will be shown, with the dev having no plans for a new reveal at TGS 2019.

And finally Capcom are set to reveal more details on their next Resident Evil game at the Tokyo Game Show.

The Street Fighter makers have already teased an announcement for their mysterious Project Resistance title.

But, instead of being Resident Evil 8 or the Rest 3 Remake, leaks suggest this new game could be an Outbreak-style multiplayer title.

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