Comixology Unlimited lets you dive into more than 20,000 digital comics for just $5.99 per month. Make the most of your subscription by starting with these 10 titles.

Comixology is the premier destination for comic book fans to purchase digital comics from a variety of publishers, including DC, Dark Horse, Marvel, and Image. If you own a PC, smartphone, or tablet, new and classic issues and trade paperbacks are only a few mouse clicks or finger taps away. But did you know that Comixology offers a subscription service alongside its individual issue and collection sales?

The $5.99-per-month Comixology Unlimited lets you explore more than 20,000 digital comics as long as you maintain the subscription. Though Comixology Unlimited only lets you read select issues (for example, you can read the early Immortal Hulk issues, not the recently released ones), you can save a lot of money if you aren’t concerned with ownership or being up-to-date with current storylines.

Getting started with such a sizable back catalog can prove intimidating, so we’ve selected 10 excellent Comixology Unlimited reads to get you started. Below, you’ll find a well-crafted genre mix, including superhero, science fiction, romance, and horror. After all, with the ability to read numerous books at no extra cost, it’s a good time to explore new comic book territory.

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