The “Crocodile” Comes Out of The Water And Explores The Investment Treasure Book of Hoping Club

For the middle class, investment and financial management is a top priority, which is related to the quality of life, promotion space and even class crossing. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to manage financial investment and how to make money more effectively.

While we are struggling with our financial problems, what are those “rich people” doing and whether there is a shortcut to learn from are the concerns of all middle classes in the world. Today, the editor will exclusively reveal a very mysterious giant – Hoping Club. Let’s have an in-depth understanding of the ways to make money from Wall Street.

When it comes to this organization, it is really mysterious. The information found by the editor was established as early as 2012, but it is difficult for outsiders to understand the specific information of its operation because of its strict membership system and special investment methods.

Until the blockchain industry has been booming in recent years, Hoping Club has also invested a lot of money. With the help of the openness and transparency of blockchain, we have gradually unveiled Hoping Club.

Why is Hoping Club so mysterious?

Before introducing Hoping Club, let’s quickly popularize some basic knowledge.

Those friends who read financial articles usually may not be unfamiliar with Venture Capital, Private Equity, Angel Investor and other words. These words all look the same, so what are the differences between them?

A business idea has to go through a very long stage from “a flash of light”, to really start, to have customers, turn losses into profits, develop and expand, even to ring the bell and quote on the Stock Exchange, which is full of uncertainty. Therefore, the earlier the capital enters the site, the greater the risk will be. It is likely that there will be no harvest, but on the other hand, the richer the return will be.

For example, Peter Thiel invested $500000 in Facebook in the early stage and received more than 10000 times the return when it was quoted. Wang Gang, a famous domestic investor, invested DIDI with ¥700000 yuan, with a return rate of more than 10000 times. Compared with the fact that investors in the A-share market are satisfied with the annualization of 20%, more than 10000 times is simply impossible. This is why many investors still flock to early investment. Although the risk is high, the return is also amazing.

The above figure clearly describes the various stages of enterprise development: the horizontal axis is time and the vertical axis is revenue. At the start-up stage in the lower left corner, only FFF, that is Family, Friends and Fool) will invest money in you. The investment at this stage is often very small, mostly thousands or tens of thousands dollars, but the money is very likely not to come back.

If you succeed in passing the test, Angel investors will enter the next stage. Angel investors are not your relatives and friends. They are willing to believe you because they see that your entrepreneurial ideas have been preliminarily proved by the market. For example, you have begun to have customers. At this stage, the risk is still very high. Therefore, investors can get the equity of the company at a relatively cheap price.

As the enterprise continues to expand, the protagonist of our article today – investment institutions, will shine on the stage! The amount of venture capital investment is often millions, tens of millions dollars or even more. Compared with PE and quoting, which have a relatively clear future and relatively low risk, investment institutions are still in the early admission of start-ups and face greater risks and uncertainties.

What Hoping Club will do is to formulate an ecological investment and financial management plan for the elite from the beginning. The investment portfolio includes funds specially invested in highly liquid digital encryption assets, blockchain, decentralized finance, equity of related companies, Angel Round financing, etc.

Viking Long Fund Master Ltd.

Hoping Club defines itself as follows: formulate an ecological investment and financial management scheme for Hoping Club members. Provide high-quality and diversified venture investment portfolio.

This investment institution, which was established only in 2012, is very young but full of “professionalism”. Hoping Club was founded by Kobe Sadan, CEO of Viking Long Fund Master Ltd. At the beginning of its establishment, most of its members were senior fund management managers from Wall Street. In its later development, Hoping Club will absorb a very small number of top talents from all walks of life every year, including entrepreneurs, team leaders and capital alliances in sports, finance, technology, it, blockchain, digital quantification and so on.

In other words, if the fund manager of Viking Long wants to start a business, he / she is likely to get support from the company, which is also the recognition of each other’s strength within the company, and it is also a way of cooperation and win-win.

The editor believes that one of the highlights of this way is that it provides another choice for the company to give back to the society.

Hoping Club: the “heterogeneous” in investment institutions

Compared with traditional investment institutions, Hoping Club takes an unusual path everywhere. In addition to different investment methods, Hoping Club has some other differences.

First of all, unlike traditional investment institutions, Hoping Club chooses to open up new investment directions in areas of interest to young people. Young people have always been curious about new things and new technologies.

Secondly, different from the generally established investment institutions, Hoping Club has been expanding new investment opportunities. Its investment portfolio includes funds specializing in highly liquid digital encryption assets, decentralized finance, equity of related companies and Angel Round financing. Hoping Club will invest in assets with excellent potential in many fields according to the past market situation and expected performance, the quality of fund management and complementary fund strategies.

Away from the magnesium lamp in Silicon Valley, the low-key of Hoping Club has become its advantage. At least, when people rush to invest in a hot project, other venture capital investment institutions are less likely to regard the seemingly harmless Hoping Club as a threat, which makes it easier for Hoping Club to squeeze into deal. That’s what the so-called “get rich in silence” may mean?

Having said so much, what is the investment performance of Hoping Club?

Real estate, stocks and blockchain have been invested most

According to the evaluation report, in the past two months, there have been more than 100 transactions of digital art NFT collection with Hoping Club as the auction guarantor, involving tens of millions dollars, and it is difficult for us to make a specific evaluation of the profits. However, according to the report of McKinsey, with the rising popularity of NFT auction business, the total transaction volume of NFT auction guarantee business will exceed 10 billion dollars in 2022 and 2023.

It is the NFT auction business facing several major guilds under Hoping Club that makes the young giant Hoping Club emerge quietly. I don’t know whether it is intentional or not, but we all look forward to his next move. According to his past achievements, it is likely to become a wind vane in the investment industry like Gray.

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