The First 300 NFC ATMs Will be Operated in Pilot in 2023

The cryptocurrency ATM industry has expanded rapidly in the last two years, with the use of digital currency ATMs surging by more than 70% in the second half of 2021 alone. More than 24,000 crypto ATMs have already been installed in 75 countries and regions worldwide.

The frenzy of crypto ATM trading today is obvious to all, and in order to allow more people to enjoy the gains from the rising value of NFC coins, Firevip Group recently announced its NFC ATM launch plans that it plans to deploy the first 300 NFC ATMs in December 2023, with an estimated total investment of US$5 million and the first pilot areas in countries such as the US, Philippines and Malaysia.

This plan is significant for NFC, which will be launched on the exchange in August. Currently, 1 NFC can be exchanged for ₦1 and is expected to be worth at least 10 times more when launched on the exchange! At the same time, the NFC ATM supports the free purchase and sale of NFC tokens, greatly enhancing the convenience and security of the transaction.

One of Firevip’s goals for 2023 is to take the advantage of the growing demand for NFC ATMs to create a full circulation marketing model based on NFC applications, further increasing the Group’s authority and influence in the blockchain world. And NFC redefines the crypto asset market environment through the support of ATMs, allowing the value to rise steadily through market circulation, and doubling people’s wealth in the future. So hurry up and take the opportunity to join Firevip to earn NFC together!

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