The Global Decentralized Gaming Game Ecosystem BOB is Shocked

BOB coin is issued by the world’s first blockchain chess and card game platform Gamehui under the Black Diamond Entertainment Alliance established in Las Vegas, USA in 2013. The main members of the Black Diamond Entertainment Alliance are Las Vegas Golden Summit Entertainment, Macau Grand Lisboa Entertainment, Atlantic City Entertainment, South Africa Sun City Boda Entertainment, Genting Private Club, Baden Sands Entertainment, etc. BOB Coin is committed to connecting the developers, issuers and players who are separated in traditional chess and card games, through the concept and technology of blockchain, connecting participants in each link, based on legal currency + digital assets, digital ID, digital entertainment, to build a A one-stop entertainment network for players to build and share together!

Through the three consensus solutions of BOB coin player community, BOB consensus, and BOB smart contract, the current chess and card game industry operators control the licensing rules through technical means and operators use technical means to determine the winners in quiz activities. The intelligent contract solves the problem of mutual trust between all parties, and builds a decentralized industrial structure that can gain the mutual trust of all participants.

In the BOB coin system, players can use BOB token to gain more rights, integrating investors, decision makers, consumers and promoters; event organizers can directly reach players and gain BOB coin community incremental users; developers can issue To complete product development by raising their own tokens, all development applications can use BOB and BNB, and developers can receive full revenue share and community rewards. BOB Coin will build a gaming game token exchange; BOB Coin relies on the brand effect to access high-quality developers around the world to achieve infinite cycle value-added of the platform.

The BOB team pays attention to the platform ecological integration, and has successfully reached a strategic cooperation agreement with a number of applications in the early stage of the project development. The international version of the strategic partner will use BOB as the only settlement currency in the initial stage of the transaction scene (after the BOB main chain is launched, It is up to the project party to decide whether to issue its own tokens.) At the same time, the strategic cooperation project party promises that in the follow-up operation process, users from all over the world will be continuously imported. The game exchange developed by the BOB community is also after the end of the private placement. Get online as soon as possible.

All applications launched on the BOB platform will pay different proportions of miner fees to the BOB community according to different products. The community will reward 30% of the miner fees for destruction every quarter. to add value.

The birth of BOB coin means the arrival of change. BOB coin will join hands with game lovers all over the world to build a global decentralized gaming ecosystem that everyone can participate in, decide for, and benefit from.

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