The Official Designated Beer “West Lake Beer – Drunken West Lake” of the Asian Games Listed

The Official Designated Beer “West Lake Beer – Drunken West Lake” of the Asian Games Listed

At 9:30 A.M. on March 28th, the West Lake Consumption Boosting Innovation Model Achievement Exhibition and the Official Designated Beer Listing Conference of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou 2022 were held at Gushan Head Office in Louwailou.

At the meeting, “West Lake Beer- Drunken West Lake” jointly launched by Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area Management Committee and Huarun Snow Beer Zhejiang Regional Company was officially unveiled and listed.

“West Lake Beer – Drunken West Lake” is the official designated beer of the Asian Games. As a brand-new carrier of “culture + consumption”, it is an important crystallization of Huarun Snow Beer Zhejiang Regional Company’s combination of regional culture exploration and product innovation exploration, and it is also the representative work of Huarun Snow as the official supplier of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou in 2022, showing Zhejiang’s beautiful landscape, humanistic feelings and innovative strength to the outside world from a brand-new perspective.

“West Lake Beer – Drunken West Lake” combines Santan as the main element of design with products, and at the same time adds the ripples of rainwater dripping into the lake to reflect the concept of rainwater, showing the charm of Xizi. The whole packaging takes the broken bridge as the embryonic form, simplifies the complexity, outlines the general image with the line draft, enhances its visual impact, and closely combines with the theme of “West Lake”. LK Langwei Brand Design Research Center is responsible for the planning and design of Huarun West Lake Beer – Drunken West Lake and brand image communication.

In taste, “West Lake Beer – Drunken West Lake” selects refined wheat, roasts malt at 85 degrees for 3 hours, saccharifies it by “boiling” twice, heats up step by step for several hours, slowly extracts malt essence, and makes the wine mellow. Between a drink, like the West Lake on a sunny day, feel its deep precipitation. Soft and fragrant hops are elegant and pleasant, and like the West Lake in rain, they are beautiful and charming.

After the press conference, the public activities of “I have an appointment with West Lake” Drunken West Lake Beer Festival will be launched one after another. Consumers can participate in the tasting of Drunken West Lake products, live guessing games, promotion and drinking activities of Drunken West Lake products when they go to the scenic spots around West Lake, such as Broken Bridge, Leifeng Tower, Music Fountain, Wind Lotus in Quyuan and Fish Watching in Huagang. Everyone feels the unique charm of “West Lake Beer – Drunken West Lake” while walking on the West Lake.

Note: Reprinted from the Official WeChat Account of Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games

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