The SAVE META full-stack metaverse aggregation launcher has begun to test the first extreme deflationary ecological universe space-time SMT, which will be launched on PancakeSwap soon!

The SAVE META full-stack metaverse aggregation launcher was launched by the initiator DEXTER jointly organized by various industry leaders and authorities. Among them, ChanZuckberg Initivative is the founding partner; the FaceBook Meta R&D team is the early R&D consultant, and the SAVE META organization is established.

According to the plan of the DAO organization, SAVE META will launch its first extreme deflation ecology in the near future. Named as the universe space-time, referred to as SMT. SMT is a completely community-based and decentralized project, dedicated to empowering DEFI3.0 through DAO governance, and building an application ecosystem of DEFI3.0+WEB3.0+Metaverse+SWAP.

As a sub-coin of SAVE META, SMT is expected to become a dark horse in 2022. It will be launched on PancakeSwap to start destroy mining. At the same time, a new circuit breaker mechanism will be added to open up new ideas for destroy mining!

About Universe Space-SMT Token:

Platform Token: SME (SAVE META)

Ecological Token: SMT (cosmic space-time)

Total issuance: 2.1 million (90% of which are mined on the chain and 10% injected into the pool)

As the first extreme deflationary ecology created by SAVE META, SMT’s main core lies in its exquisitely designed mining model. In the SMT ecosystem, there are two ways to participate in destruction mining:

First: 100% sub-coin SMT digs out 100% SMT

Second: platform currency SME+USDT to mine SMT tokens

All SMT is produced through computing power, the number of SMEs participating in the destruction and mining is all entered into the black hole address of destruction, and all USDT returns to the SMT pool. Use its unique destruction model to make SMT achieve the ultimate deflation!

In the future, Cosmos Space will open pledge mining, and obtain platform tokens SME through pledge SMT, in the form of BTC, ETH, FIL, and other mainstream digital assets.

SMT Diversified Ecosystem:

In the SMT ecosystem, its matrix is ​​built with diversification to ensure security, stability, and the scalability of the entire SMT protocol in the later stage. From the entire underlying mechanism to protect SMT, create a diversified ecology, and create the future value of the strongest SMT. mainly reflects in:

1. The model of destroying mining:

Using the dual-currency spiral rising model, SME and SMT are linked together to make their value spiral upward.

All SMEs that join the destruction mining enter the black hole address to be destroyed to increase the value of SMEs!

All USDT will be returned to the SMT pool and will be directly destroyed, increasing the value of SMT!

2. Pledge ecology:

Mainstream digital assets such as SME, BTC, ETH, FIL, BNB can be obtained by staking SMT.

3. Lending platform:

Using the lending platform built by SMT smart contracts, you can obtain the ecosystem and access network permissions through SMT!

4. Chain game ecology:

Chain games play a very important role in the chain game ecology of SAVE META. As the only entry threshold for chain games, SMT can be used to activate accounts, purchase equipment, and open scenarios. This will enrich the SMT circulation scene, which is crucial to the extreme deflation of SMT!

The core mechanism of SMT makes real decentralized new finance possible!

1. The ultimate destruction deflation mechanism, the SMT and SME invested in the mining pool will be permanently destroyed!

100% of the SMEs participating in the purchase of computing power will be destroyed, and the destruction of SMT will be mainly reflected in: repurchase destruction, transaction destruction, transfer destruction, LP destruction, circuit breaker destruction, and finally destruction to 10,000 pieces, so that SME and SMT have very high stability Sex and a very large value space;

2. Smart contract DOPP consensus algorithm:

The SMT protocol adopts the innovative DOPP consensus algorithm, and uses the algorithm to take over human nature. There is no center, no project party, and no major households. The content of the agreement is jointly maintained and governed by individuals or communities. Individual computing power, community computing power, and node computing power are based on users. The size of the computing power contribution value is determined, and all results are on the chain;

3. The exit reinvestment mechanism makes SMT participants more at ease:

The SMT protocol advocates small investment by users, and has an exit system to ensure that the income of a single user will not be too inflated. The opening of the diversified ecology of SMT can find an exit for the internal circulation, the internal and external circulation is linked, and the strict re-investment control mechanism makes the The platform is more stable for a long time!

Out: When the total income reaches 3 times the personal invested principal, stop issuing static and dynamic income

Re-investment: You can re-invest after being out of the game, and the amount of the re-investment is greater than or equal to the amount of the previous order

Fourth, innovate the circuit breaker mechanism to let the real DEFI3.0 land:

The DOPP consensus algorithm, in addition to standardizing the reward of user computing power contribution value, also implants a circuit breaker mechanism in the stock. The DOPP algorithm stipulates that the circuit breaker mechanism is triggered every day according to the total amount of newly added computing power, and the circuit breaker mechanism will automatically control the balance of market supply and demand according to the market conditions. The DOPP algorithm replaces human management with a circuit breaker mechanism, without central control, to terminate all unfairness, so that SMT can always develop stably and protect the rights and interests of all SMT members.

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