The top Chinese animation IP “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf” will release its first NFT series on OpenGate

On June 30, Alpha Entertainment announced in its official Twitter account that it has officially collaborated with OpenGate – a famous NFT marketplace headquartered in Sydney, Australia, and will sell the first <Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf> NFT series oversea in July 2022.

<Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf> is the first-class IP in The Chinese animation industry. It was created in 2005 by Alpha Entertainment Company, which has the reputation of “Oriental Disney” .

Alpha Entertainment is an animation and entertainment culture company with strong strength and great development potential in China.

It ranks 39th in the 2021 TOP75 Global licensees list published by <License! Global>magazine, also it is the only Chinese enterprise in the top40 list.

It owns the copyrights of many classic Chinese comics, such as< Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf>, <Armor Warrior>and <Super Wings>.

The amount of video playback in China network broadcast platform has accumulated more than 23 billion,the number of followers on social platforms is more than 19 million.

 LeoYang, the official representative of OpenGate ,he said ,NFT is a new field generated by the integration of blockchain technology with traditional industries such as culture and art, finance and commerce, which is full of infinite vitality and opportunities.

This cooperation between OpenGate and <Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf> animation IP will be a milestone of NFT to enable traditional animation IP. As the international leading Web3 ecological development platform, OpenGate will continue to deepen the cooperation with many  top IP copyright holders, artists, sports stars and high-end brands from all over the world, contribute to promote the diversified development of NFT industry in the field of digital art and digital marketing.

Mr. Suojiang, chairman of The Australia China Friendship Society , said in an interview that the cooperation between Alpha entertainment and OpenGate not only fit into the development policy of implementing and promoting cultural digitization actively advocated by the Chinese government, but also helps Chinese animation IP to enter the world market. The integration and innovation of culture and art is an indispensable part of globalization and also the trend of The Times.

< Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf>  premiered in 2005,this is a Chinese comic which talk about the funny relationship between sheep and wolves, it’s beloved by millennials generation and has been accompanying fans for 17 years,also become the most unforgettable childhood memory for countless young fans.Since this cartoon debut in 2005, it has produced more than 3,000 episodes. From 2009 to 2022, it has produced 8 animated films with a cumulative box office returns of over 900 million RMB.

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