The US MSB Licence Has Been Officially Launched to AMA, Meaning It Has Been Recognized by Authorities

AMA has officially gained the US MSB licence, which is the authoritative regulatory licence obtained by AMA after its entry into Southeast Asia, and also marks significant progress in AMA’s layout of its globalization.

Holding an official regulatory licence not only means that AMA’s compliance operation has been approved by the US Treasury Department, which is highly recognized by the industry, but also lays a solid foundation for its leading position in the industry.

(AMA MSB Licence)

How to check AMA MSB licence:

Go to the website and enter AMA’s registration number 31000224477746 to check and download the registration information for the AMA MSB licence.

The MSB licence is regulated and issued by FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Bureau under the U.S. Treasury Department). AMA’s acquisition of the MSB licence represents a new stage of the compliant operation of the platform, which means that users’ funds will be legally protected.

As a global innovative blockchain digital marketing service platform, there is no doubt that AMA’s strength, security and stability are further enhanced. In the future, AMA will always take “legally protecting users’ funds” as its priority to create a safer and more efficient money-making platform for users.

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