“Among the features introduced by Update 3.6 is save file integration with Steam and GOG, allowing gamers to continue their PC adventure on the go, as well as HUD, menu and Gwent touch control support.

“Additionally, the update expands the range of available text language options for selected regions. More graphical settings can also be found in the options following the update, making it possible to customise visual fidelity.”

The full patch notes have also been shared and early feedback from fans has been very positive.

“A big Thank you to CDPR and Saber Interactive, you guys have more than delivered. That update is awesome,” one user writes.

“The additional Settings are brilliant and all the small tweaks like Grass Physics, Touchscreen support for things like the Map and, last but not least, cross save with GOG/Steam are just amazing and a big gift for your customers. Especially the cross save.”