iOS 13 rolled-out to iPhone and iPod Touch owners worldwide last week.

The new mobile operating system boasts a truckload of new features, including a new Dark Mode that switches the bright white user interface elements within iOS to a deep black to make viewing in low-light a little easier on the eyes. There’s also a new QuickPath keyboard that lets you swipe to type, expanded privacy controls, 2x faster app loads, and smaller app updates from the App Store – so you should be able to eke a little more storage from your iPhone.

But despite all of these improvements, iPhone owners have flagged some issues with the update.

Users have reported apps crashing, slow performance while switching between modes in the camera app, and issues around cellular service and Bluetooth.

In fact, it seems the reliability of the new mobile operating system is so questionable that the United States Department of Defence (DOD) has warned all of its employees and contractors to avoid the update until Apple rectifies the issues.

The email, which was spotted by technology blog MS Power User, warns: “DOD Mobility strongly encourages you to NOT update, to avoid known Apple iOS 13 bugs. Apple is expected to release iOS 13.1 at the end of September 2019 to address bugs. DMUC users can expect follow-on messaging within the next two weeks with updated guidance.”

Thankfully, as the email states, Apple is well aware of the concerns around iOS 13 – which ships on all iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max handsets out of the box.

The Cupertino-based company has brought forward its iOS 13.1 update by six days. The software, originally scheduled for September 30, is designed to address a number of these complaints with bug fixes, as well as bring new features that were announced for iOS 13 during its World Wide Developer Conference in June, but didn’t make the deadline.

Included in iOS 13.1 will be Shortcuts Automations, which allows your Siri Shortcuts to run automatically whenever certain conditions are met, instead of having to launch the app – or ask Siri – to trigger them all manually. For example, you can make your favourite running playlist kick-in automatically when you start a new Outdoor Run workout on your Apple Watch. You could also make the lights at home switch-off at the same time – and switch back on when you complete the Outdoor Run workout.

You’ll also be able to share audio from your iPhone to two pairs of PowerBeats Pro. In iOS 13, the feature is reserved for Apple AirPods only.

With the new features and those all-important big fixes, it might be worth holding off the new update – despite the draw of visually striking new features like Dark Mode – until Tuesday September 24, 2019 when iOS 13.1 is scheduled to launch worldwide. Apple typically rolls-out its new software at 6pm BST.

If you’ve already made the jump and noticed some of the issues listed above, you’ll want to update your iPhone as soon as possible tomorrow, which should hopefully solve your troubles.