Through race to promote the city, let the Dragon Boat Race into the “Enyang time”

From May 27 to 28, 2023 China Dragon Boat Open Race (Sichuan · Enyang Station) & “Rowing all over Sichuan” at Enyang Station (hereinafter referred to as “Enyang Dragon Boat Race”) was successfully held in Enyang Dragon Boat Park. A total of 36 competitive teams from top dragon boat teams and local elite teams from all over the country competed with nearly 1000 players, presenting a wonderful visual feast for the national audience.

Through race to promote the city, let the Dragon Boat Race into the “Enyang time”

In this race, there are three kinds: Men’ s group, Women’ s group and Mass’ groups, The Mass’ groups were separated into Mass group A and Mass group B. The tournament consists of 100 meters, 200 meters and 500 meters straight races. Men’s groups have another 3000 Coruse Racing.

As one of the two highest level events in China, the China Dragon Boat open held in Enyang district for the first time. For the Millennium water wharf, it is the return of dragon boat life. Enyang, with the strength of the whole city, carefully prepared, strengthened cooperation, carefully arranged, and went all out to make this mass sports event highly ornamental, competitive, and interactive. At the same time, it closely combined the event activities with urban marketing, national fitness, and industrial development, which not only inherited the Millennium folk culture, but also improved the city’s image.

The Dragon Boat “returns” to reproduce the grand scene of the Millennium water wharf

With gongs and drums as the signal and the lake as the stage, the athletes in the rippling Enyang River are demonstrating the struggling spirit of hitting the water in the middle stream. Along the river bank lined with green trees, every place the dragon boat passes, the audience’s cheers and cheers are interwoven, and the scene is full of joy!

I haven’t seen such a lively scene for a long time, almost all the people in the city went out, and the roadsides were full of cars from Shaanxi, Hunan, Chongqing, Jiangsu and other places.” Liu Jiangwen, an old Enyang man, said that during the Qing Dynasty, hundreds of boats were moored in the Enyang River and 3000 business trips were made. In the Republic of China, there were ferries all over the country, accounting for one-third of the 46 ferries in Bazhong county. Enyang water wharf was once an important material distribution center in Dabashan area, connecting Hanzhong to Chongqing. Thanks to the developed water transportation, Enyang has naturally grown into an important commercial town in eastern Sichuan during its long development. When “Hu-Guang filled Sichuan”, a large number of immigrants came to Enyang to make a living and buy houses, which also brought different regional cultures. Liu Jiangwen, born in 1966, used to be a fur merchant on the water wharf. He went from Guangyuan to Nanjiang and from Pingchang and Quxian to Chongqing. Liu Jiangwen’s grandfather saved a small fortune in his early years, but he bought three houses in the ancient town as a shop. Relying on small business and rent, the prosperity of a family continued. With the changes of the times and the evolution of the industry, the leather goods business of the Liu family did not continue. In his generation, Liu Jiangwen had a special preference for Sichuan Opera. As a senior “playmate” of the Sichuan Opera of Enyang River school, Liu Jiangwen has played important roles in famous clips such as “Taoist Pu kills Ba snake”, ” Hanging seal of county magistrate” and “writing articles”. From several interpretations of historical stories, Liu Jiangwen knows more about the past of water, ancient towns, stages and Jianghu than ordinary people.

In Liu Jiangwen’s view, who has gone out of the ” Home of Chinese Opera”, the Dragon Boat Race indicates that “the boat returns to the water wharf and the business returns”, and the past prosperity of Enyang river has come back in a new way.

The preparation and implementation of the event is at the national level, which fully reflects the standard and cultural environment of Enyang for hosting the national dragon boat race, and this event has achieved good results.” the relevant person in charge of the China Dragon Boat Association gave such an evaluation of Enyang dragon boat. At the same time, he also hopes that Enyang will hold more large-scale events to market the city, so that more people can come to Enyang and feel its charm.

The dragon boat set up the stage, cultural singing, fierce dragon boat race, exquisite artistic performance, dynamic water performance, long-standing traditional culture The wonderful presentation of a series of activities attracted 30000 people to the scene. The event was broadcast globally through Sichuan TV station. More than 10 platforms, including CCTV, Xinhua News Agency live cloud, Sichuan observation app, Sina Weibo, BiliBili, and Sichuan Sports News app, carried out live webcast simultaneously, with more than 30million people. On May 28, the opening ceremony performance and the final day, the super large outdoor LED screens in Enyang City, Dengke Park, citizen center, Wanda Square, Wangfujing, Enyang ancient town, fortune square and other places of the business district broadcast the grand event of the dragon boat race throughout the whole process, fully meeting the audience’s viewing needs. In addition, the event also attracted the attention of media at all levels. The people’s daily, China Daily, international online,,,, Sichuan Daily, Sichuan Radio and television, Baidu, Sina, NetEase, Sohu and other official mainstream media have published more than 300 articles related to the dragon boat race. The local media in Enyang and Bazhong pay full attention to the event and its communication influence. The eyes of the world focus on Enyang. This is the most watched “sports + cultural” event in Enyang in history.

Through the operation of the city to gather more talents, to create a modern new Enyang to provide power

The vitality and cohesion of a city do not aim at high-rise buildings, but it about looking at its attractiveness to people. Yin Dalun, the coach of Chongqing Hechuan dragon boat team, has a deep understanding of this. Last year, Yin Dalun led two teams of men and women to participate in the Enyang Dragon Boat Race for two consecutive years. His greatest feeling is that the city of Enyang has brought them more and more beautiful environment, better site construction and higher reception standards. In this Enyang Dragon Boat Race, Chongqing Hechuan women’s dragon boat team won the second place in three individual events and the second place in the total score, and the men’s group also won the best score in history with the third place in the total score. Yin Dalun said that Chongqing Hechuan dragon boat team has made more and more breakthroughs in Enyang, and Enyang is the “blessed land” of their Hechuan team. When it comes to harvest, Zheng Jiangling, a member of the women’s team, has a deep feeling: “we are farmers who have never been divorced from the land. We have to plant crops all year round. We have to train after work, but we are very happy because a city can hold major national competitions, which gives us farmers the opportunity to realize our dream of championship.

I’m from Western Shaanxi, and now I’m from new Enyang. Over the weekend, about 100 steamed buns were sold every day. During the Dragon Boat Race these days, many guests came to the ancient town, and I’m too busy…” Zhang Yong, the owner of the Rougamo shop in the ancient town, said that he was once just a “passer-by”. He came to Enyang by chance more than a year ago and fell in love with it. After his investigation, he found that the ancient town has a large number of tourists, On holidays, there are often full of guests, so we decided to open an authentic Shaanxi Rougamo shop. After discussing with his family, Zhang Yong decided to settle down in Enyang first, and move his family to here for the next step. “There are families and businesses, and the ‘temperature’ left by the former Shaanxi guild hall, so I will stay.

The temperature of Enyang does not stop there. In recent years, Enyang has attracted people from different regions and backgrounds to come here for employment, entrepreneurship and business through the implementation of the four strategies of “opening up, leading, strengthening the industrial zone, gathering people from the city and revitalizing the countryside”. How to make the profound history and culture of the ancient county of the Six Dynasties and the modern diversity of fashion trends blend in and absorb? By introducing the “Go Fighting”, Enyang held various major events such as the ” Tour of China ” international road cycling race and the Enyang Dragon Boat Race, and created cultural tourism activities such as the immersion scene night tour project of the “Enyang boat” theory to expand the city’s influence. At the same time, it accelerated the construction of a modern new city and implemented the Rural Revitalization Strategy to improve the city’s functions and enhance the city’s cultural quality, create a beautiful living environment, and attract people Gather and retain people, and accumulate the strong development momentum of modern new Enyang.

Plan urban development through competitions and write a magnificent chapter of cultural, sports, and tourism integration

A dragon boat race with a scale of one thousand people and 36 teams participated in the race, providing guarantee services in all aspects such as competition, performance, safety, transportation, power supply, network, medical treatment, logistics, etc. in the absence of government investment, the local platform companies conducted commercial competition and operation for the market and achieved great success. 30000 spectators were created to watch the race on the spot. The ticket revenue was 700000 yuan, and the communication volume exceeded 30million person times, Hotels and guest houses in the region are full. During the Enyang Dragon Boat Race, the comprehensive consumption of catering, culture, tourism and so on has exceeded 10million yuan This is a report card of a sports event driving the integration and development of sports tourism, and it is also a “model” for the market-oriented operation of the sports industry during the “14th Five-year Plan”.

The successful holding of Enyang Dragon Boat Race has brought many inspirations to the development of the city. This is a popular project, which embodies the purpose of “taking the people as the center and running sports to the satisfaction of the people”. With water as the article and people as the foundation, Enyang has made a living water article around the symbiosis and integration of water, city and people, showing water ecology and highlighting water civilization. Promote the development of water culture through water control, water protection, water conservation and water use, so as to further improve the environmental protection awareness of the whole people. During the Enyang Dragon Boat Race, in addition to providing spectator tickets to netizens participating in the online communication and interaction of the race, the organizing committee also distributed nearly a thousand tickets to the audience free of charge through a variety of channels. At the same time, in addition to the necessary traffic diversion and safety guarantee, the competition area was made public. Whether it was the selection of the competition area or the setting of the outdoor large screen, its purpose was to make it easier for the people to watch the race more closely and share the feast of the race.

“The golden cup and silver cup are not as good as the reputation of the guests”. During the Enyang Dragon Boat Race, all the guests, athlete teams and referee teams from all over the world, without exception, received the flowers prepared by the event organizing committee on the same day, and enjoyed the arrival and departure pick-up of the reception team. “Professional, considerate, meticulous and enthusiastic, all of us are flattered.” this is the second time Jianghan University’s dragon boat team has entered Enyang for competition this year. When they first went down the river to “test the water”, they received text messages and telephone prompts three times before their departure, and made detailed arrangements for the departure, disembarkation and return time of the team to the hotel. Jiang Guoqin, the team leader, commented that “we enjoy nanny service during the competition in Enyang.” civilization, vitality and spirituality are the same feelings of many guests and athletes about Enyang.

Promote the creation of the brand festival through the dragon boat race. In recent years, various forms of festivals and meetings have been held all over the country, but most of them are short of “lively at the time of holding, no trace at the end”. The successful holding of Enyang Dragon Boat Race is expected to gain new inspiration. “We will continue to hold Dragon Boat Race and make them a major brand event in Enyang.” according to the relevant personnel of the competition organizing committee, Enyang will take the dragon boat race as the guide to build a Northeast Sichuan water sports training base integrating training, competition, experience and leisure; Comprehensively promote the implementation of the sports tourism boutique demonstration project, create a number of influential sports tourism boutique routes, boutique events and demonstration bases, and use the existing landscape and green vein resources to develop tourism, culture, sports, elderly care, health and other happy industries, so as to create ten theme parks and six boutique courtyards with high quality.

The “14th Five-year Plan” for sports development in Enyang District clearly mentioned that “develop dragon boat race and tourism industry, promote the establishment of Northeast Sichuan water sports base, actively create and introduce Dragon Boat race, and develop Dragon Boat tourism projects based on Dragon Boat races”. This means that the Enyang dragon boat movement is not only a folk custom activity at the right time, but also a cultural symbol with multiple driving forces linking sports and the city in more fields of exchange and cooperation, development and win-win results, and writing a chapter of the integration and development of Enyang’s culture, sports and Tourism.

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