UPDATE FROM TWITCH“We’ve recovered from our sitewide issues. We appreciate you hanging in there with us, enjoy the streams!”

Twitch is down for many viewers tonight trying to watch their favourite streamers.

Problems with logging in and viewing content started being flagged within the last hour.

Outage tracking sites confirm that many video game fans have been affected by tonight’s outage.

It appears Twitch errors are being flagged when fans try to login and view their chosen content.

“Can’t log in, the “trouble logging in” page is stuck in a redirect loop, and I logged out because I couldn’t see my live followed channels (got the “error loading data” screen),” one fan writes.

“Something is wrong with some internal part of Twitch.”

The good news is that while some viewers remain unable to access their chosen content, it appears things might be going back online soon.

“Looks like it’s back for me, no idea what happened but I’m glad it was fixed quickly,” another user writes.

If problems continue for the majority of players, you can expect an update on server issues from Twitch within the hour.