Under the Background of BI, the New Program for Enterprise Talent Evaluation Was Fully Completed

In the early days of COVID-19, the enterprise talent was consumed by a sense of euphoria. With billions of people locked down at home, work and play were shifting online. Many hoped that the new normal would spark a huge productivity boom as firms digitised.

However, in the BI environment, where should the development of enterprises go?

Ms. ZHANG Yufeng, a well-known business data analysis expert, said: “It mainly depends on three factors: smart decision-making, shrewd entrepreneurs, and excellent team.” Talent is the most important resource for the development of enterprises, the mainstay of enterprises, and the lifeblood of enterprise development.

Engaged in business analysis related work for many years, Ms. ZHANG Yufeng has worked in APPLE, L.E.K. CONSULTING, Alibaba and other first-line large-scale companies, mainly engaged in business analysis, precision marketing, data mining, data operations and other related work. Ms. ZHANG Yufeng is good at using data analysis to link IT technology and business, helping enterprises optimize production processes, products, services and software, evaluate production processes, fill the gap between technology and business, improve production efficiency and realize the business value of technology through data analysis.

Based on the background of BI (Business Intelligence), Ms. ZHANG Yufeng combined her professional knowledge and rich experience to develop the “Based on Financial Data Analysis Enterprise Employee Value Dynamic Evaluation System V1.0 ”, using advanced data analysis technology to evaluate the value of talents for enterprises from a new perspective of financial data, and help enterprises make informed personnel allocation and business operation decisions. It is a system based on financial data analysis of employees’ value to the enterprise, establishing a file model for employee financial file information, establishing an accounting model through the file model, and financial accounting according to the accounting model, and finally analyzing the value of employees to the enterprise through financial accounting data to obtain a ranking list.

After the enterprise applies this evaluation system, it can accurately evaluate the employee’s work items and correlate the evaluation results with the performance of the enterprise, so as to clearly understand the impact of each employee’s work behavior on the enterprise and flexibly consider the employee. The new system developed by Ms. ZHANG Yufeng pays more attention to process data than the traditional system, and in the process of work, managers can provide timely guidance and communication to employees based on the process data to ensure that the result data meets the standards. Through this evaluation system, the value score obtained can more accurately reflect the value of employees to the enterprise, and further guide the manager on how to enhance the value of employees in the enterprise, thereby improving the per capita benefit of employees, in short, the system has a great effect on improving the management of the enterprise and enhancing the competitiveness of the enterprise.

At the same time, “Based on Financial Data Analysis Enterprise Employee Value Dynamic Evaluation System V1.0” is the product of digitalization, intelligence and socialization of business data analysis system, and is an integrated digital innovation application that completely covers human resources and talent management, which uses a new generation of intelligent experience technology to empower talents to activate the organization at all times and in an all-round way, and builds a rich and high-quality digital human resources system based on the social business innovation platform. It realizes the reduction of the organization’s human operating costs, the improvement of employee creativity, and promotes the achievement of organizational changes and strategic goals, and quickly adapts to complex and changeable external conditions. The system effectively integrates the existing talent data in the enterprise and provides a new and complete solution for the business operation and management of the enterprise.

With the rapid development of the digital economy, business data analysis has become the main way for big data to have commercial value. As an outstanding business data analysis expert, Ms. ZHANG Yufeng has not stopped her progress. She said that she will precipitate and summarize some common entry points and unique perspectives of analysis problems, cultivate her own data sensitivity, continuously improve business capabilities, continue to conduct in-depth research, and bring more creative technical achievements to the field of business data analysis, and contribute her own strength. (Text/Emma)

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