A richer chat experience was rolled out by Valve last year on PC, but now it’s being joined by a ‘modernized chat experience’ for iOS and Android devices.

Steam Chat for iOS and Android

If you want to talk about the PC games you’re playing while away from your PC, Valve just made doing so much easier by launching a new Steam Chat app for both iOS and Android devices.

In July last year, Valve launched an all-new Steam Chat experience on PC. It was designed to better compete with the likes of Discord, which was drawing gamers away from Steam to talk about games. Valve built a lot more functionality into this new chat system, and now it’s done the same on mobile platforms.

As the Steam Blog details, the new Steam Chat app is now available for iOS and Android for free. If you don’t have access to Google Play, Valve provided a direct download of the Android .apk for you to use.

Valve is advertising the new app as having many of the key features offered in the desktop version. This includes a Friends List so you can easily see who is online and what games they are playing if any. Valve calls the new chat experience “Rich Chat” as it includes “higher fidelity links, videos, tweets, GIFs, Giphy, Steam emoticons, and more.” You can also add new friends through the app using Invite Links, initiate Group Chats to help organize a gaming session together, and notifications are customizable. When Valve says they are customizable, it isn’t kidding, you can tweak notifications per friend, per group chat, or per chat channel.

Although the app is available today, Valve is continuing to work on its feature set, including the ability to voice chat with your friends. You may remember Valve also has a Steam Mobile app, which is now going to turn into an app focused on account security including the integration of Steam Guard. In turn, QR codes and one-touch login will become available in the future.