VDN Metaverse to be launched as a new force in the Metaverse industry

The world’s first metaverse platform of “virtual digital network metaverse” is coming soon. It will officially open the era of Metaverse Intercommunication for people from all over the world.

“VDN Metaverse” advocates users to become a participant of Metaverse in the most familiar and favorite way. It makes users feel the charm of Metaverse through numerous games, social networking, and life-related software on the platform. “VDN Metaverse” innovatively provides users with various software rewards and punishments. It allows users to realize the creation of value in Metaverse. “VDN Metaverse” will adopt multi-blockchain technology for deployment, giving new meaning to “NFT” and “Token”. Among them, the “VDN Token” will serve as the platform’s only digital equity identifier to encourage everyone to contribute to the Metaverse ecology.

“VDN Metaverse” will include exclusive main-line games “Metaverse-StarCraft” and “StarChat”; it will also include hundreds of titles such as “League of Legends”, “PUBG Mobile”, “Tik Tok”, and “WeChat”. software. Really let all users participate in Metaverse ecology in the way they are good at.

Now “VDN Metaverse” will officially open soon. Communities and guilds around the world will be established one after another after its launch. The “VDN Metaverse” software will be released in multiple languages successively, making it more convenient and efficient for users from all over the world to use. The company plans to launch the official 3D version of this software globally on January 8, 2022, and the exclusive mainline game and social software will also be launched simultaneously. Users in some regions and countries will be the first to experience the 2D function demo version of this software according to the promotion progress of each country.

Many world-renowned investment institutions will participate in its launch onNovember 30, 2021.VDN Metaverse is ready to open a new era of metaverse.


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