Virtual Reality Empowering the 3D Art Generating Industry – Leading Expert YU Yufei

The world right now is developing at a rapid speed that the human brain can never imagine. This sort of alteration is leading to the massive revolutions in almost every aspect of people’s daily life, including the way we communicate, the way we accept new information as well as the way we entertain.

With the huge wave of technological revolution, 3D visual art generating industry is generating new inventions to cultivate production at lightning speed, just like other industries on this planet. Among tons of 3D art generating experts who are leading this revolution, YU Yufei stands out. As one of the top 3D generalists in the industry, she clearly has astonishing experiences. Ms.YU demonstrated an epic grasp of 3D art even when she was studying in university. By the virtue of her graduation project, “You Shell Be Happy”, she successfully won the Excellent Award of the Rookie Awards 2020. Although the award was named as “Rookie”, the winners of it were the most remarkable 3D artists in the world. In other words, the prize was symbolizing the highest standard in 3D visual art. Without any doubt, a top talent like YU Yufei should be going to a higher platform that matches her excellency. Therefore, Harvard chose her. Moreover, YU Yufei implemented her remarkable talent in Harvard as usual. She played a very essential role in the Harvard Innovation Lab, leading plenty of students and colleagues to find a new path in 3D visual art generating field.

Virtual Reality Empowering the 3D Art Generating Industry – Leading Expert YU Yufei

After graduating from Harvard, YU Yufei went to a “dragon-head” Firm, thatgamecompany as a 3D generalist. By the virtue of the game “Journey”, thatgamecompany has became one of the leading game companies in the world contemporaneously. Being accepted by this firm means that Yu Yufeis’s ability has been widely acknowledged by the industry. More importantly, Yufei is not only playing an leading designing role in this firm, but also inventing plenty of intellectual property achievements in 3D art generating industry. Among all of her extraordinary works, the achievement called “3D Animation Scene Automatic Planning System Based on VR V1.0” is getting more and more attentions from the entire industry. YU Yufei introduces:“This system is the combination of my experience in the industry. It aims to provide artists and workers in the 3D art industry a new way of creating amazing works relying on the technology of VR and AI. ”

The “3D Animation Scene Automatic Planning System Based on VR V1.0” is a cutting-edge intellectual property achievement that combines the latest advancements in AI and VR technologies to revolutionize the 3D animation scene planning process. Its automatic planning capabilities and immersive VR experience offer a significant improvement over traditional manual methods, which also deepen the potential to transform the animation industry. The system utilizes AI algorithms to automatically generate 3D models and animations based on user input and preferences. Then the system will incorporate VR technology to provide users with an immersive experience where they can visualize and manipulate the generated 3D scenes in real-time.

The system’s AI algorithms analyzes the user’s input and preferences, such as the desired scene setting, characters, objects, and camera angles. Based on this input, the system generates a 3D model of the scene, complete with character animations and object movements. Users can then manipulate the generated 3D scene using VR technology, doing corresponding modifications or adjustments.

Doubtlessly, the impact of this achievement is tremendous, as it greatly reduces the time and efforts required for 3D animation scene planning. The system’s automatic planning capabilities eliminate the need of manual scene construction, which takes hours or even days to complete. Moreover, the use of VR technology provides a more immersive and intuitive way for users to interact with the 3D scene, enabling them to create more detailed and realistic animations.

Now, YU Yufei has established deep cooperative relations with dozens of renowned firms in 3D art and other relative fields on “3D Animation Scene Automatic Planning System Based on VR V1.0”. Without any doubt, this revolutionary achievement has created a countless amount of financial profits and technical advancements for these partners. Most of them have demonstrated a sense of respect and approbation for her extraordinary scientific capability.

More fundamentally, “3D Animation Scene Automatic Planning System Based on VR V1.0” is only part of Ms.Yu’s intellectual property achievements. She also independently researched and developed many intellectual property achievements such as “3D Immersive Game Scene Design System Based on Digital Twins V1.0”, the game Roboco and so on. These significant accomplishments justifies Ms.Yu’s outstanding ability in the field, and they truly means a lot to the whole 3D art industry, because these stunning achievements have unveiled a new way of intelligent development for the industry.

Whereas YU Yufei is not only contributing to the dramatic process of the industry by inventing all these intellectual property achievements, she also served as expert judge in plenty of 3D art generating competitions. In these activities, YU Yufei played a very important role when judging other people’s works and provided lots of new ideas to the industry. In general,with her professional skills and researching abilities to the competition, she aided the exploration of the industry .

About the future, Ms.Yu expressed that she would continuously participate in the field of innovating and endeavor to accomplish more intellectual property achievements for the industry even the world.

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