UPDATE THREE: As of 4pm this afternoon, some Vodafone customers were still insisting their broadband was down and not working as usual.

One said: “Is anyone Vodafone home band still down? Still not back on and my kids are really upset about this.”

However, it appears the outage has passed for most broadband users.

UPDATE TWO: As of 11am today, Vodafone’s broadband service is still suffering from an outage.

Customers have continued to express their disappointment and frustration on Twitter in response.

One said: “Vodafone probably worth putting a message on your app to say broadband down.

“I wouldn’t have sat in a queue if I had known that. Thanks to news outlets for sharing the story. Proactive customer service is always the best service!”

Another declared: “Looks like Vodafone Broadband is down / hit and miss for a lot of people today. No easy way to contact them for an update.”

UPDATE ONE: Vodafone’s broadband service has been down for some customers in the UK for over an hour now.

Reports of the outage emerged just before 9am this morning.

Independent outage monitor Down Detector continues to register hundreds of reports from customers across the country that are insisting their internet is not working properly.

ORIGINAL STORY: Vodafone is down and not working this morning as thousands of customers are reporting issues connecting to its broadband service.

The internet provider appears to have hit problems just before 9am this morning with the issues affecting users across the whole of the UK.

The outage has hit areas including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Nottingham, Bristol, Leeds, Watford, Kidbrooke, and Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Independent website monitor, Down Detector, is showing a surge of issues with hundreds of Vodafone fans currently unable to access or use broadband.

Down Detector is an independent website which tracks social mentions around certain topics to detect outages across the globe.

Venting their frustration at the problems one user said: “Broadband not working in Deal, Kent at all – despite Vodafone app saying I should have nearly 40 MB/s and all lights on green.”

And another added: “Vodafone home broadband down yet again in Milton Keynes, getting a bit sick of this.”

A third declared: “My Vodafone broadband is down again be about the 8th time since I’ve had the contract, which hasn’t been long, is this a known issue this morning?”

Twitter is also full of people complaining about having a limited connection with one Vodafone customer saying: “My Vodafone broadband is down again be about the 8th time since I’ve had the contract, which hasn’t been long, is this a known issue this morning?”

And another added in a tweet: “@VodafoneUK is there a known issue with Vodafone broadband today? Mine is down and there is a 2 hour call wait time? We’re is the info?”

There’s currently no word on what has caused the outage or when things will return to normal.

Vodafone has not yet commented on the matter.