If you were one of the unlucky Vodafone customers who were hit by the earlier calling issue there is now a simple way to fix it. Vodafone has just confirmed that its service was affected by a short glitch which has now been resolved. However, if your phone still can’t make calls you simply need to switch it off and turn it back on again. Alternatively you can place the phone in Airplane Mode and leave for a few seconds and then switch back to full live mode.

Confirming the issue and the subsequent fix a Vodafone spokesperson told Express.co.uk, “We’d like to apologise to any customers who struggled to make phone calls this evening. We had an incident at around 17.20, which was fixed at 18.10.

“The service is now fully back to normal. Any customer struggling to make a call, should quickly turn their phone off and on again to restart. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

The issue originally began at around 5.40pm tonight with it lasting for around 40 minutes. Although not confirmed it appears calls to landlines were unaffected but those trying to phone other mobiles including rival networks weren’t able to get through.

Downdetector, which monitors global outages, showed thousands of reports from across the UK with over 11,000 mentions at its peak.

Speaking on its forum page one Vodafone user said: “Cannot make or receive calls however 191 did work but phone cutoff when going through to an advisor.. great!”

Whilst another added: “Can’t call any other network. It just “beeps”, and the line goes dead.”

Along with complaints from Downdetector, social media sites such as Twitter are also seeing a flurry of users with similar issues.

One tweet said: “@VodafoneUK is your network down? Currently, my wife is unable to receive or make calls from her device.”

Whilst another tweet added: “Vodafone network seems to be down. I can call landlines but not cell phones. My partner’s mobile too. We’re in Norfolk & our son has the same prob. In London!”