Wall Street-Born Asset Management Organization Hoping Club Foraying into Digital Assets Field

Founded on Wall Street, Hoping Club, which was known for aggressive bottom hunting and cash out in Europe and America, recently started foraying into digital encryption fields, and brought Wall Street’s typical investment strategies into full play. After ten years of development, Hoping Club has become a global comprehensive asset management organization. The main business has covered pledge auction, investment management, personal venture capital management, asset management, financial investment, real estate, etc. The investment field has been involved in many traditional financial businesses such as funds, futures, real estate, heavy metals and securities companies, and has laid out the territory of digital encryption fields such as blockchain and Metaverse in the past two years.

Hoping Club is regarded as a “Game Changer”, a company that can make full use of the capital market to operate, step up on the right time, and benefit from the fierce competitive environment.

Although Hoping Club was founded in 2012 and is just a novice compared to the century-old financial institutions, the organization stood out in a very short time, attracted tens of thousands of members and became an asset management giant managing hundreds of billions of assets. It is often compared with Blackstone, the largest listed investment management company in the United States, as many experts believe that its asset management business and financing consulting services may become the next “Blackstone” in the future.

Hoping Club will invest in the core management team and foray into the asset management industry with a strong wall street style. Founded on Wall Street, the original model of Hoping Club was very simple – focusing only on stocks, venture capital and other businesses.

Around 2016, Singapore’s economy contracted and its economic growth continued to slow down. At that time, Hoping Club was expanding its business in the Asia Pacific region, so it established a Singapore branch and communicated closely with the Singapore government. In 2017, the future economic commission of Singapore issued seven strategies to promote economic development. This policy also brought huge profits to Hoping Club, which has consolidated the basic business in the Asia Pacific region and gained reputation since then.

Hoping Club’s objectives were to attract appropriate members in Europe, Asia, Africa and other regions, incubate branches, be responsible for expanding business in this region, and actively strengthen communication with local governments, banks, securities companies and other institutions. At the same time, a research institute was established in New York to conduct extensive research on the global economy in various fields, so as to “sweep” the global investment opportunities in two crisscross ways.

Hoping Club aims to leverage and use the smallest assets to win the maximum return. Secondly, it can always cash in at an appropriate high level, and the timing of exit is extraordinary. By implementing aggressive investment strategies, Hoping Club has gradually opened seven branches.

A senior expert in the asset management industry said that the practices of Hoping Club are actually the essence of capital. In order to avoid falling into the strange circle of diminishing marginal benefits, capital urges investors to instinctively use all kinds of forces to form a joint force to create a “snake swallowing elephant”, and even do not hesitate to use power to achieve the purpose of stop loss by direct deprivation.

Turning assets into capital is the fundamental objective of Hoping Club. Although almost all business giants are denouncing this practice, Hoping Club owners believe that this is the secret that can help them become stronger and bigger.

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