While Activision has not confirmed that a new Warzone Nuke Event is happening, fans certainly believe there is enough evidence to support such a thing happening.

Not only have the silos and destructive weapons been part of the ongoing Warzone storyline since the start, but even more locations have been added during Season 2.

And when you consider the number of high-profile leaks surfacing in recent weeks claiming that such a Call of Duty event is being planned, it all seems to point to a big bang in April.


The big question for many gamers is not what is going to happen, but when is the next Call of Duty Warzone event going to happen.

This is a fair question, especially with the first anniversary of Warzone being celebrated this week.

There has even been some speculation that something explosive could happen today, with the Outbreak event ending at around 6pm GMT.

And while anything is possible, the full Warzone Nuke Event probably won’t be happening today or during March.

Recent rumours suggest that Activision has plans for a special mode and other map locations being overrun by Zombies leading up to weapons dropping on Verdansk.

And from what has been shared so far, it seems more likely that the Call of Duty Warzone Nuke event will happen in April.

It all needs to be taken with a pinch of salt as plans can always change and gamers can always be surprised by something new.

But even if the next Warzone event does not kick off on March 11, after 6pm GMT, today is the day that smaller changes could start occurring.

Activision is a big fan of Easter eggs and throwing out clues to its fanbase, and more of those mini-events could be coming our way.

If developers Raven Software are planning a big event for the end of Season 2, that would give them a good few weeks to get things started.

This could mean Zombies invading new locations, followed by a limited-time Plague event and ending with the destruction of Verdansk.

Much of this remains just a prediction but Warzone could start changing in the coming days and weeks across all platforms.

If anything is being planned for today, March 11, you can expect some teasers to go up this afternoon, perhaps after 6pm GMT.

The current storyline is that Warzone Operators are trying to contain the Zombie outbreak on the shipwreck, fighting back the hordes in-game.

And as shared earlier this week by Activision, another much bigger reckoning is being planned, with a new statement from the publisher teasing:

“And now, during Warzone’s one-year anniversary, we find ourselves in Season Two, where Verdansk is primed for a reckoning.

“A cursed vessel known as the Vodianoy crash-landed and spilled its otherworldly cargo out into the city, with Operators desperately attempting to contain this new threat within the ship’s hull.

“It seems that after a year of smooth sailing, Warzone may have to prepare for a threat never before seen in Verdansk, and any Operators who wish to survive might need to save the celebration for another time and get back in the fight before it’s too late.

“Once again, thanks to you, the community, for being with us for the past year of Warzone. With Season Two’s story continuing through the game’s one-year milestone, we cannot wait to share with you what’s in store for the year to come… but it’ll be better for you to experience it for yourself.”