Eagle-eyed gamers have noticed that new settings have been added to Call of Duty Warzone this week to help boost accessibility.

Patch Notes from Raven Software confirms as much, revealing that new subtitle options have been added, among a number of other tweaks.

This includes nonverbal sounds now being called out in subtitles in [] brackets.

The good news is that this new Warzone setting will apply to all new Operators moving forward starting with Rambo and McClane.

However, it might be worth checking to see whether this benefits you when heading into Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

Raven has also revealed that they have added HoH-like subtitles for baked-in graphics in cinematics, and the team has also put together a new Accessibility Options Menu.

This latest Warzone Settings change is focused on improving support for all gamers, with the new menu providing a pared-down list of settings that are specifically oriented towards accessibility.

A message from Raven Software adds: “Players can access this menu from the main blades menu immediately upon launching the game.

“To do so, launch Warzone and select Accessibility from the button options at the bottom of your screen.

“Alternatively, players can access the Accessibility Options menu from the existing Options menu. To do so, open the Options menu and select Accessibility from the button options at the bottom of your screen.

“Core to our philosophy is ensuring all players across a broad spectrum of ability and disability are able to play and enjoy our content.

“The addition of the Accessibility Options menu supports this vision by bringing more visibility to the available options while increasing ease-of-access.”

It’s been an exciting week for Call of Duty Warzone away from the Season 3 Reloaded, with the development team adding Nvidia DLSS support for PC.

Deep Learning Super Sampling can prove extremely useful in some games as it can boost FPS on PC for gamers, even when running out 4K.

Problems seem to start when using Balanced and Quality settings when playing Call of Duty Warzone.

Lasers can be used to help show your true aim, but most gamers will be turning this option off for the time being.

To turn on DLSS, head to the Graphics tab under the Options menu in Warzone and Modern Warfare and scroll down to the new NVIDIA DLSS option.

You can enable DLSS with one of four parameters: Ultra Performance, Performance, Balanced, or Quality. Depending on whether you’re aiming for greater performance or image quality, Nvidia recommend Quality when playing at 1080p or 1440p, Performance for 4K, and Ultra Performance for 8K.

Players, on the other hand, might be a little put off this latest Warzone setting for the time being.