With a namesake like Atlas, you wouldn’t think Boston Dynamics’ bipedal robot would be the most lithe specimen on the planet. But then we’ve already seen it has a knack for parkouring, and now you can add dancing to its list of talents. In its latest sure-to-be viral video, we see Atlas and the entire Boston Dynamics family, including the dog-like Spot and box-stacking Handle, dance to “Do You Love Me” from The Contours. And as a 6’2 man, let me just say I’m jealous that anything so tall can move with so much mobility and grace. 

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Boston Dynamics robot gyrate its limbs to a classic tune. Back in 2018, the then SoftBank subsidiary shared a video of Spot dancing to “Uptown Funk.” Watching the two clips consecutively highlights just how far the company’s robots have come in two short years. The dance we saw Spot pull off in 2018 was impressive, but it wasn’t able to dance pointe like its 2020 counterpart.