Grace and Simon in the unfinished car.

Grace and Simon in the unfinished car.
Screenshot: Julie Muncy/Cartoon Network (Other)

Things are never simple, easy, or comfortable on the Infinity Train.

Yesterday Cartoon Network released a new clip from the upcoming third season of Infinity Train, the beguiling show that began with a young girl and a mysterious, threatening train. It’s a clip that seems to come from early in Book 3, previewing some plot materials we’ve already heard about—Grace and Simon, of Apex, ending up separated from their group after a disastrous raid on the Unfinished Car, a place which is just about as dangerous as it sounds.

The action here is fun, and it’s going to be fascinating to learn more about Apex, a group previously framed as villainous, from the inside. Are we going to come to sympathize with them and their goals, or are we going to see Grace and Simon turn to another path? We know their path will eventually line up with that of a girl named Hazel (and her gorilla friend), but in the twisty world of this cartoon, there’s no telling where it’ll go from there.

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Infinity Train’s third season currently doesn’t have a firm release date, though we know when it drops, it’ll be streaming on HBO Max.

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