What is Lucky Star? The ‘Fishing to Earn’ NFT Metaverse

Together with 150 million sea fishing enthusiasts around the world, global sea fishing, travel and leisure, and earn NFT, this is the world’s first sea fishing metaverse project Lucky Star.

  • Lucky Star is a large-scale leisure sports metaverse ecology, including a series of metaverse projects
  • Lucky Star’s first metaverse project is Sea Fishing Metaverse
  • Lucky Star sea fishing Metaverse team is from Hawaii, USA
  • Players can conduct sea fishing online to earn NFT, or join the offline sea fishing global travel plan.
  • Offline, go to the world’s top ten sea fishing holy places to experience the heavenly beauty and the excitement of sea fishing.
  • Choose fishing grounds, shoals, bays, ruins, and temples online to experience exciting and rewarding sea fishing.
What is Lucky Star? The ‘Fishing to Earn’ NFT Metaverse

Lucky Star is a large-scale leisure sports Metaverse ecosystem based on the BSC chain. The system includes a series of leisure sports and competitive metaverses, such as sea fishing metaverse, hunting metaverse, competitive metaverse, etc. It is expected that 5-10 leisure sports metaverse projects will be launched successively.

All these different metaverse projects use Lucky Star’s ecological governance tokens together, and the NFTs between them can be used in common. For example, the NFT obtained in the sea fishing metaverse can be used in other subsequent metaverses.

The first project of Lucky Star’s ecological landing is Sea Fishing Metaverse. Sea Fishing Metaverse is a sea fishing metaverse game running on the BSC chain. Relying on the high-speed concurrency capability of the BSC public chain and a strong technical team, it provides players with a smooth gaming experience and avoids the delay of other public chains.

With the strong ecological support of Binance, Lucky Star is released to the world, and is committed to providing a new space for online sea fishing for 150 million sea fishing enthusiasts around the world, and expanding the excitement of sea fishing. It also provides a platform for countless new players of sea fishing to enjoy the excitement of sea fishing without leaving home.

In the Lucky Star Sea Fishing Metaverse, players can obtain NFT whole cards or fragments by selecting fishing rods and sea fishing scenes, and the fragments can be synthesized into whole cards. NFT can be circulated and transferred.

When you are fishing in the sea, you can get NFT and token income. Sea fishing is no longer a simple item that needs to be invested, but has become an activity that makes money in leisure and entertainment.

By choosing different fishing rods and different fishing grounds, players can earn different types of NFTs and different amounts of token rewards.

Fishing-to-Earn tokenizes the sea fishing sport that 150 million people love, and turns sea fishing from a consumption behavior to an investment behavior, investing in your health and your time.

Fishing-to-Earn lets you know that your time is far more valuable than you think.

Lucky Star Sea Fishing Metaverse is committed to making leisure sports profitable, making time more valuable, allowing value to circulate and gain added value.

Open the DAPP of Lucky Star Sea Fishing Metaverse and link your BSC chain digital currency wallet. If you do not have a BSC digital currency wallet, you need to create a wallet, please keep your wallet mnemonic in a safe place.

Use the Lucky Star ecological token GFC in your wallet to buy fishing rods.

Then choose a fishing scene, and you can start lucrative sea fishing in the midst of the wonderful scenery.

The obtained NFT card will be saved in your Lucky Star DAPP account, and you can check the NFT you own at any time.

The fragments of NFT can be integrated into a complete NFT.

The first step in fishing in Lucky Star DAPP is to choose a favorite water area.

Fishing ground: 5~50kg fish can be caught;

Shoals: can catch 10~100kg fish;

Bay: can catch 20~200kg fish;

Ruins: can catch 40~400kg fish;

Temple: can catch 80~800kg fish;

Dragon Palace: can catch 160~1600kg fish;

In Lucky Star DAPP, sea fishing can get six different types of NFT.

Regular version NFT: can be synthesized with 9 NFT fragments, worth 10~100U;

Collector’s NFT: 16 NFT fragments can be synthesized, worth 100~1000U;

Legendary NFT: 25 NFT fragments can be synthesized, worth 1000~10000U;

Limited edition NFT: 49 NFT fragments can be synthesized, worth 10,000~100,000U;

Rare version of NFT: 81 NFT fragments can be synthesized, worth 100,000~1,000,000U;

Collector’s Edition NFT: 169 NFT fragments can be synthesized, worth 1,000,000~10,000,000U;

The NFT obtained on the Lucky Star Sea Fishing Metaverse DAPP has rich short-term and long-term value.

Minting new NFTs: Using NFT fragments, you can mint complete NFTs, hold complete NFTs, and get more eco-coins GFC;

Ecological tickets: In addition to sea fishing, Lucky Star has rich and powerful offline leisure tourism resources, and will continue to launch various metaverses such as hunting and competition. All these metaverses belong to the application creation scene under the Lucky Star ecology. The common ecological governance Daaibi GFC, the new competitive metaverse in the future, needs to use NFT as the identity mark of access;

Increased demand: With the continuous enrichment of the ecology and the continuous landing of various metaverses, the demand scenarios and users for NFT will continue to increase, and NFT will become increasingly scarce.

Use value: In the subsequent metaverse, the use scenarios of NFT will continue to increase, increasing the use value of NFT and increasing the market demand for NFT;

There are different fishing rod options for sea fishing in Lucky Star DAPP.

Ordinary Fishing Rod: GFC worth 2u is required to purchase, which can capture ordinary version NFT fragments;

Collector’s Fishing Rod: GFC worth 10u is required to purchase, and collectible NFT fragments can be captured;

Legendary Fishing Rod: GFC worth 50u is required to purchase, and you can capture legendary NFT fragments;

Limited Fishing Rod: GFC worth 250u is required to purchase, which can capture limited edition NFT fragments;

Rare Fishing Rod: GFC worth 1250u is required to purchase, which can capture rare NFT fragments;

Collector’s Fishing Rod: GFC worth 6250u is required to purchase, and you can capture Collector’s Edition NFT fragments;

Global Fishing Coin (GFC) is the ecological governance token of Lucky Star. GFC can be used to buy fishing rods, and different types of NFTs can be obtained by fishing with fishing rods, and NFTs can be exchanged for GFCs.

At the same time, holding GFC can participate in the governance voting of Lucky Star ecology and share the governance rights of Lucky Star. Lucky Star is committed to building a decentralized autonomous leisure sports metaverse, and the governance rights and income rights are owned by the community.

In the future, with the development of the Lucky Star ecosystem, GFC will be able to have more and more usage scenarios, such as buying fishing grounds, paying offline sea fishing, traveling, etc.

At present, players can use Lucky Star DAPP and Pancake in the Binance ecosystem. With the influx of a large number of players, the team plans to gradually open Coinbase and Biance transactions.

In order to facilitate more people to obtain GFC, Lucky Star ecology will continue to cooperate closely with BSC ecology for ecological integration.

Lucky Star has just been released, and it has already attracted widespread attention. In the early stage of the project, an early investment of US$3.5 million was obtained, most of which will be invested in technology research and development.

In the future, Lucky Star will provide players with high-quality products, and make the product a truly decentralized Metaverse, a self-running, independent, community-autonomous DAO.

Lucky Star is committed to creating an online home and virtual space for 150 million sea fishing enthusiasts around the world. Continue to create new forms of leisure and entertainment for countless metaverse enthusiasts, such as travel, swimming, competition and so on.

The era of artificial intelligence has arrived, robots will replace human work, and Lucky Star will create a new space for human beings and create a new meaning of existence.

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