WhatsApp has been hit with a very strange bug which appears to be deleting messages.

The glitch, which was spotted by some users earlier this week, has been randomly removing older chats from within the popular app.

The Facebook-owned service has now confirmed it is looking into the issue and attempting to solve the deletion problems.

In a statement, WhatsApp confirmed: “We are aware of this bug and are working on a fix for the users who have encountered this issue.”

This problem was first spotted by WAbeta with one user telling the site that their messages were being removed.

“Since last month chat history has been disappearing chronologically,” the WhatsApp fan confirmed.

“Now trend has changed, every morning I find one or two chat history disappeared.

“I’m using MOTO G4 and recently got to know through Google search that there are many people facing the same issue.”

Since being posted, other unlucky WhatsApp fans have also confirmed similar issues with another user saying: “I am facing the issue from June 2018.

“I am losing very important old messages. I sent too many emails to Whatsapp, now they stop responding me.

“I tried everything including reset phone, different WA version.”

WhatsApp is clearly working hard to correct the bug but there is a way that could make sure all of your current chats stay safe.

All messages on both Android and iPhone can simply and easily be backed up to the cloud.

To make sure your messages are being saved simply head to Settings then tap Chats and Chat Backup.

From this menu, you can either select to save your chats to Google Drive (Android) or iCloud (iPhone).

You can also select to backup your messages straight away or choose to have them automatically saved either daily, weekly or monthly.

The news of this bug comes as WhatsApp has just pushed out another update to its popular app.

This upgrade now brings Dictation to the service so users can compose text messages without having to physically type them.

WhatsApp Dictation lets you speak messages into your smartphone’s microphone and then translates it into text.

While this feature already existed on virtual assistants like Apple’s Siri or Google Assistant, what’s new is that WhatsApp will introduce a new mic icon on the keyboard for easy accessibility.