WhatsApp is the planet’s most popular messaging platform, with 1.5 billion people on the app around the world. WhatsApp regularly rolls-out a raft of new updates to optimise the experience. And the latest WhatsApp upgrade expands the number of people you can add to group video call.

Android users have received a brand-new WhatsApp update.

This update allows users to place group video call at the touch of a dedicated button.

Group video calls are nothing new to iPhone owners, who received it over a month ago.

And the video messaging improvement has been successfully tested on WhatsApp Beta for several months.

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WhatsApp group calling was initially a rather cumbersome procedure.

WhatsApp users first had to make a voice or video call to a contact.

And only once connected could they hit a button to then add more participants to the call.

But the new button introduced to WhatsApp has streamlined the service.

The update allows users to call the contacts they from a group.

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How to WhatsApp group video call:

Begin by tapping the add participant button in a group – near the hamburger button.

Users are then greeted with the list of available contacts.

The maximum number of participants is remains restricted to four for the time being.

There are however the same old issues for those wishing to place a group call with a friends outside of a single group.

Users wanting this will have to resort to the old method of adding participants only after you have placed a call.

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The new group call button was first tested out on WhatsApp beta, the tester version of the app.

Simply click on this link to become a tester, if you want to give it a go.

But remember, WhatsApp beta is notorious for its glitches and bugs.

It is, however easy to opt out of the beta version via the same link.

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