There are several countries around the world who are developing COVID-19 contacting tracing apps and services of their own. This is done to better help identify people who have the disease and to see who they might have come into contact with, which in turn better allows health officials to get a handle on the situation faster.

However, not all countries are doing this as some might not have the necessary resources to do so, but the good news is that the World Health Organization (WHO) plans to help. During an interview with Reuters, Bernardo Mariano, chief information officer for the WHO, revealed that the WHO will be developing a contact tracing app which can be used by countries who aren’t making their own.

According to Mariano, “The value is really for countries that do not have anything. We would be leaving behind the ones that are not able to (provide an app), that have fragile health systems.” This would be possible alternative because as you might have heard, both Apple and Google are also developing a contact tracing system which can be integrated into both iOS and Android and also into apps,

However, some countries have refused to adopt Apple and Google’s system and have instead chosen to go ahead with their own platforms.

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