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According to the latest rumours, Grand Theft Auto 6 will have a February 2025 release date on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. While we’d usually dismiss the reports as wishful thinking, the information appears to have come from the same reliable source that correctly leaked details of the first GTA 6 trailer. And maybe I’ve got my tinfoil hat on a little too tight, but a February release date would actually make perfect sense for Grand Theft Auto 6, especially given the game’s protagonists.

Similar to its predecessor, Grand Theft Auto 6 will once again feature multiple playable characters, only this time they appear to be romantically involved.

With a potential Bonnie and Clyde-style dynamic at play, a Valentine’s launch would be a stroke of genius if Rockstar manages to pull it off.

While GTA 6 would almost certainly sell like hotcakes even without any promotion, a focus on the unconventional love story is likely to play a big part in the marketing of GTA 6. A Valentine’s Day launch would be the icing on the cake.

I’m sceptical that GTA 6 will make an appearance so early in the year, but if it does launch in February, then Valentine’s Day makes perfect sense.

Valentine’s Day 2025 also falls on a Friday, which is a traditional launch day for many a video game.

Hopefully we should find out more when the second GTA 6 trailer drops later this year.

There’s a rumour the next Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer will be released in May, which means we don’t have long to wait.

The second trailer will reportedly focus on the male protagonist, and feature a big graphical upgrade.

Recent leaks also suggest we’ll be treated to a look at another major location within the game.

Either way, we can’t wait to see more from Grand Theft Auto 6.

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