Reports of the latest issues affecting Microsoft’s flagship OS were revealed in a post by Komando.

The good news, however, is that KB4541335 is an optional update that you can choose to skip for now.

You can choose to roll back your OS to a more secure build of Windows 10 if you installed the patch in question within the last 10 days.

But before you do that make sure you have backed up your files as you don’t want to lose anything important should an unexpected issue arise.

Here is how to rollback to a previous version of Windows 10

• Go to the Start Menu and click the Settings icon

• Click ‘Update & Security’ and then select the Windows Update tab which can be found on the left-hand side

• You then need to click the View update history option followed by Uninstall updates

• In the Control Panel page find the KB4541335 update to uninstall it. If it isn’t there then that means you haven’t installed the update