Windows 10 fans are being warned that some versions of the flagship Microsoft OS are a ticking time bomb.

These versions of the leading OS have a ‘self destruct’ setting meaning that it will refuse to boot entirely after a set date.

And users of these Windows 10 editions are being warned that this expiry date is fast approaching.

Affected Windows 10 fans will see their version of the OS stop working within the next two weeks.

This Windows 10 ‘time bomb’ will kick into effect on December 14.

However, thankfully this issue will only affect those using unstable Insider Preview versions of Windows 10.

Windows 10 Insider builds are used by Microsoft testers to check out preview builds which later become fully fledged updates for the public.

So, if you’re a consumer using a regular version of Windows 10 you won’t be affected.

As revealed in a post by The Register, affected Windows 10 Insider users will receive daily warnings in the run up to the OS stopping working.

This message started appearing after Microsoft released build 18290 of next year’s Windows 10 to the Fast Ring.

In other Windows 10 news, Microsoft has been dealt some good news after the troubles with the October 2018 update.

Windows 10 is reaching a crossover point with Windows 7 – the most popular OS in the world.

Stats from California-based Net Applications put Windows 10 right behind Windows 7 in October 2018.

Their stats show Windows 10 running on 38.3 per cent of all PCs in October, with Windows 7 just ahead on 39.4 per cent.

Likewise, stats from the NetMarketShare analytical website also put Windows 10 within touching distance of Windows 7.

Their stats show Windows 7 is the leading operating system in the world, used on 38.89 per cent of computers in November.

However, Windows 10 is just behind on 38.14 per cent.

This is a huge turnaround compared to last year.

Looking at November 2017 figures, NetMarketShare then had Windows 7 holding a mighty 43.12 per cent share of the OS market.

Whereas Windows 10 then had a 31.95 per cent market share.