Winvest Group Limited Subsidiary Iqi Media Unveils Unique Investment Opportunity for a Winnie-the-pooh Animated Prequel

Reno, NV – Winvest Group Limited (OTC: WNLV) (“Winvest”), an investment holding company with diverse media and entertainment portfolios, is pleased to announce that its subsidiary IQI Media is offering a unique investment opportunity for Beyond Pooh Corner, an animated feature film prequel to the famous Winnie-the-Pooh series of books by British author A.A. Milne. The film’s innovative financial structure includes an advance licensing advantage for investors, including toy companies, merchandisers, and others who would like to license the film’s original artwork and beloved characters—such as Pooh Bear, Piglet, Owl, and Eeyore—prior to its release to capitalize on the enduring worldwide popularity of the books and wager against potential licensing royalties in the future.

Winvest Group Limited Subsidiary Iqi Media Unveils Unique Investment Opportunity for a Winnie-the-pooh Animated Prequel
©Beyond Pooh Corner Development, LLC

Thanks to the assistance of securities attorney John W. Cones and corporate attorney Edward Anderson, Limited Liability Company Interests (Units) are now available for Beyond Pooh Corner Development, LLC. There is a minimum purchase of 1 Unit for $250,000, with packages available for Special Thanks credits (3 Units), Executive Producer credits (5-10 Units), and Licensing (5 Units). For more details, including the terms, projections, and risks, interested parties may request the private placement memorandum (PPM). International exhibition revenue projections have been provided by the film’s international sales agent, Odin’s Eye Entertainment, based in Sydney, Australia.

“We believe Beyond Pooh Corner has the potential to be a global phenomenon in the world of animation, not to mention the realms of licensing, merchandising, and branding,” said Khiow Hui Lim, Founder of IQI Media, a full-service content development, technology, and production company based in Los Angeles, and Executive Producer of the film. “This is in part because we are developing a fresh new approach to marketing that we like to call “social P&A,” which is highly targeted and data driven. Our early licensing partners will benefit from unprecedented advantages such as free marketing exposure and the opportunity to incorporate our adorable characters in advance of the film’s release. We can’t wait to see our distinctive take on Winnie-the-Pooh as a young and playful bear makes its way into the hearts and minds of fans everywhere.”

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