With Intelligent Technology as the Score Playing a New Music in the Marketing Industry – Marketing Expert YANG Chun

Reporter: JIAN Ning

In the context of the digital era, the development of intelligent technology is changing rapidly, and a number of science and technology techniques based on artificial intelligence technology are spreading to various industries, and the pace of intelligent development is gradually accelerating. Machine learning, deep learning, deep imaging and other high-tech not only provide solid technical support for the intelligent upgrading of the industrial structure, but also provide a powerful kinetic energy for the development of industrial digitization and informationization. The rational application of cutting-edge technology to marketing is the goal of many experts and scholars in the marketing industry, and is also the key to promoting the intelligent reform of marketing.

YANG Chun, as a famous marketing expert in China, has more than ten years of experience in the field. In recent years, through her exploration of cutting-edge technology fields, she has keenly discovered that the traditional marketing model suffers from such drawbacks as low operational efficiency, inefficient management of user information, long time to meet market demand, empirical decision-making, ambiguity, and unilateralism. The existence of such problems will lead to the marketing work effect is not up to expectations, traditional marketing especially emphasizes on selecting the target market, which makes the marketing work in the marketing practice has been greatly challenged. In this regard, she said, “Reform and innovation in the field of marketing requires the integration of traditional marketing ideas with cutting-edge technology, the reasonable use of intelligent technology for the industry’s shortcomings, breaking the deadlock of the traditional marketing model, and opening a new chapter in the market.”

How to break the barriers of the industry, use the application of intelligent technology to achieve the effect of optimizing the marketing model, and help the intelligent development of marketing, is the problem that many staff in the industry struggling in the front line of practice and innovation want to overcome. YANG Chun, as an industry leader, took the brunt of the problem, she combined her own rich experience with cutting-edge technology, and chose artificial intelligence technology as the basis for injecting new blood into the marketing industry, and successively introduced two original scientific and technological achievements to the market, “5G+ Intelligent Education Holographic Playback System Based on Artificial Intelligence” and “Marketing Intelligent Simulation Platform Based on Deep Learning”. After her two technological achievements were launched and put into use, Ms. YANG Chun has also kept her sights on the key nodes of promoting the development of marketing intelligence, carrying out research-related activities on the two projects of Exploration on the Application of Deep Learning in Intelligent Marketing Field and Research on the Collection and Management of User Profiles in Intelligent Marketing. These technical achievements effectively solve the drawbacks of the traditional marketing model, optimize the new marketing architecture, and accelerate the intelligence of the marketing industry.

Among them, YANG Chun pointed out in her research project Exploration on the Application of Deep Learning in Intelligent Marketing Field that artificial intelligence technology is rapidly changing the traditional industry. The use of big data, machine learning, deep learning and other technologies in AI technology is used to transform and build market research, market strategy, marketing strategy, marketing activities and other aspects of the marketing system. The use of artificial intelligence can help enterprises more comprehensively understand customer needs, more quickly find market opportunities, more accurately establish business objectives, and realize the true meaning of intelligent marketing and precision marketing. The traditional conception is that the development and sustained profitability of an enterprise is constrained by its market development and manufacturing capabilities. In the digital era, the development and sustained profitability of enterprises are mainly constrained by the time and speed of meeting market demand, i.e., identifying customer needs and market opportunities. Using the convolutional neural network and deep trust network model in the typical model of deep learning, the data collected in the market environment is fine-tuned by top-down supervised learning, de-training through labeled data, and error top-down transmission, and fine-tuning the network. The parameters of the individual multilayer model are further optimally tuned based on the parameters of each layer obtained in the first step, the first step is similar to the process of random initialization of the initial value of the neural network, since the first step is not randomly initialized but obtained by learning the structure of the input market data, this initial value is thus closer to the global optimum, which enables better results to be achieved. Through the unique learning ability of the model, it learns the omni-channel data appearing in the market, carries out reasonable screening of the data, returns the screened data to the intelligent marketing platform, and obtains persuasive visualized marketing strategy results, breaking the industry barriers of low efficiency of user information management and empirical unilateralism in decision-making.

In the field of marketing intelligence, YANG Chun also carries out research activities with the project of Research on the Collection and Management of User Profiles in Intelligent Marketing, which elaborates the importance of user data collection, analysis and management in the era of intelligent marketing in terms of user image analysis and three-dimensional modeling of user image. In addition, she has independently developed two original scientific and technological achievements, namely, “5G+ Intelligent Education Holographic Playback System Based on Artificial Intelligence” and “Marketing Intelligent Simulation Platform Based on Deep Learning”, by combining her own rich industrial experience with her unique insights into cutting-edge technology. After continuous in-depth research, she has proposed the best solution to solve the problems of low operational efficiency, long time to meet market demand, and blurred decision-making. At the same time, her original intellectual property achievements have been recognized by many experts and scholars in the industry, and she has been repeatedly invited by famous enterprises in the industry as an expert judge to participate in the evaluation of scientific research projects in the industry. In addition, she has been appointed as a visiting professor by the Business School of China Academy of Management Science, and as the chief leader, she organizes the annual seminar forum on marketing intelligence.

As a pioneer in the field of marketing intelligence, YANG Chun’s performance in technology development and industry practice has been highly appreciated by a group of experts in the industry. In this regard, she said that her research achievements can be applied to her work and life, which is the biggest recognition for her. In the future development road, she will fulfill the responsibilities entrusted to her by the industry, discover more intelligent technologies, help the industry to move to a new level, construct a new marketing ecosystem, and play a new music in the marketing industry.

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