WoW Classic servers are down today and Blizzard has revealed why players are being impacted.

Unlike unplanned outages, the September 25 maintenance schedule shows when server disruption is being planned.

And today includes Blizzard taking Battle.Net services offline for a short period of time.

Support staff have confirmed that problems with WoW Classic servers are connected to this Battle.Net maintenance.

And the good news is that this should only last a short amount of time.

“The scheduled maintenance for #Bnet services is impacting logins for Blizzard games at this time,” a message from Blizzard explains.

“Thank you for your patience during this maintenance. We’ll share updates as they become available.”

WoW Classic server issues could end shortly, or by around 6:30pm in the UK and 10:30am PST in the United States.

It should be noted that today’s server maintenance is not supposed to be directly impacting games like WoW Classic and Overwatch.

The listed affected services include Blizzard forums, Account Management, In-game Shops, Blizzard Shop, and Blizzard Gear Store.

Because of this, it’s unclear why WoW Classic players are being affected and how long today’s server issues may last.