X METAVERSE PRO, a rising star on the DeFi decentralized asset management track

Rekindled popularity | Decentralized DeFi asset management protocol X METAVERSE PRO is bound to usher in a global explosion!

The trendy DeFi continues to attract the attention of many investors worldwide this year. Because it can effectively solve the problems of trust and liquidity, it has evolved into an essential platform for the interaction between the encrypted world and the real world, continuously driving the development of the global digital economy and technological innovation.

The core advantage of DeFi is that it can reshape the financial system and manage assets on the chain, which makes it an essential part of the current market and even the future Web3, showing infinite vitality.

In this potential track with a rapid burst of energy, the decentralized DeFi asset management protocol X METAVERSE PRO has risen strongly as a new dark horse, especially in the direction of on-chain financial management. Once launched, it received intense attention from the market in a short period.

So, what exactly is X METAVERSE PRO? And why can it be dominant?

Let’s first understand what on-chain asset management means.

The meaning of on-chain asset management

Traditional asset management means asset managers operate client assets according to the conditions stipulated in the asset management contract and provide clients with financial services such as securities, funds, and other financial products. Usually, financial institutions invest client assets in the financial market on behalf of clients to obtain investment returns for clients.

On-chain asset management is similar to the organization of funds in the traditional financial system, which transforms traditional capital markets such as equity and securities into digital assets (equity, commodities, or foreign exchange). It seeks optimal strategies for customers in various exchanges and channels to invest.

Management Protocol for New DeFi Assets – X METAVERSE PRO

X METAVERSE PRO is a new type of DeFi asset management protocol. It uses smart contracts to control funds’ investment, use, and redemption, and the transaction process is safe and transparent. Customers can choose the fund managers they agree to invest in on the service platform, allowing users to master the public key of the management system. It is worth mentioning that the fund manager can only perform actual operations on the assets invested by clients according to the smart contracts on the chain and cannot perform other operations. Simply put, customers and excellent financing teams do not need to trust each other to invest without risk.

The innovation of X METAVERSE PRO is to solve several significant problems in decentralized asset management and develop a solution with low entry barriers, rich investment categories, and low gas fees. It is committed to making DeFi more straightforward and affordable. Easier access and more inclusiveness, accelerating the adoption of DeFi asset management.

X METAVERSE PRO, the artifact of automated portfolio management

The X METAVERSE PRO protocol is an excellent product that helps the general public participate in and control DeFi investments. Its unique and streamlined DeFi program not only simplifies the DeFi participation process but also helps increase user benefits. Fund managers and professional traders can trade through their strategies. The trading strategies and performance of the funds are publicly displayed on the platform. Investors can choose the funds they want to invest in based on the funds’ performance and the transaction’s target.

Users can create a portfolio by adding a range of tokens; the more tokens added, the more gas other users will have to pay for their purchases. After applying, the protocol automates the qualification review of the fund, theoretically allowing anyone to make a financing request through it. To avoid risks, financiers must invest a certain proportion of funds and can only invest in digital currencies or DeFi protocols that are authorized to manage and maintain, to ensure that investors must buy high-quality funds.

The protocol is equipped with various liquidity proxy mining strategies, which can automatically mine tokens by providing liquidity on a specific trading pair on each DEX, and the proceeds will be reinvested in this strategy. X METAVERSE PRO also launched a social trading platform to build a complete ecosystem to connect professional investors with ordinary investors. In this platform, professional traders can create and manage their trading strategies and publish them to the public; ordinary users can easily replicate the trading behavior of professional traders by simply buying and holding.

The X METAVERSE PRO protocol and application allow users to create investment collections freely. Collection creators can adjust the fees themselves and choose to invest the tokens in the fund pool into some projects for liquidity mining (such as Uniswap, Sushiswap, and Curve) to obtain additional income.

The X METAVERSE PRO protocol is a real bright spot and a protocol that can benefit users. It is fully capable of decentralization, all funds are on the chain, and an automatic reinvestment mechanism is adopted. It does not require any process of reviewing qualifications, and all users can trade in a stable trading system. From this, it is not difficult to conclude that X METAVERSE PRO is a rare and diversified investment method.

The X METAVERSE PRO protocol regards compliance and security as its core values, so its foundations have obtained Australian ASIC licenses, Canadian FINTRAC licenses, Australian AUSTRAC licenses (including legal currency exchange qualifications), and U.S. NFA licenses and supervision (non-commission), the EU Lithuania EMI license, and many qualifications. They have passed the security audit of a third-party authority. It aims to create an efficient, fair, and transparent online wealth management platform for global investors to comply with the financial norms and policies of different countries and regions and maintain the financial market’s overall stability at all times.

X Metaverse ecology is bound to usher in an explosion around the world!

X METAVERSE PRO is an essential milestone in the entire X Metaverse ecosystem. As an essential financial management part of the ecosystem, X METAVERSE PRO has always been open and fully capable of linking cryptographic and traditional financial businesses and institutions, allowing any. With one-click access, people can enter X Metaverse anytime, anywhere, for digital asset management and currency value management. Among them, $XMETA is the economic foundation of the whole ecosystem, and all services must be consumed and financed by consuming $XMETA and participating in 1:1 $XMETA / USDT LP.

Next, X METAVERSE PRO will continue to empower the X Metaverse ecology at the functional and product level, launch more ecological products, build the NFT market and promote ecological construction. Waiting for the completion of the X Metaverse ecosystem, the demand for $XMETA will inevitably increase, which will significantly increase the market supply and promote value appreciation.

We believe that X METAVERSE PRO will strive to create more exciting and innovative products in the future. With $XMETA as the breaking point, it will become another fertile ground for the encrypted economy.

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