UPDATE: Microsoft has now updated the official Xbox Live support site, confirming what issues are affecting Xbox One gamers tonight.

From what has been posted so far, only Xbox One users are struggling to sign in, with these services currently flagged:

Xbox Live Core Services – Signing in; creating, managing, or recovering an account and search.

It also appears the number of reports are going down, suggesting that Xbox Live might not be down for much longer.

ORIGINAL: Xbox Live is down for select Xbox One owners tonight who are trying to access core online services and sign into their accounts.

It appears that servers are offline in both the UK and the United States, with reports coming in of an ongoing outage.

“I’m getting the same thing. Can’t join any online games. Tried several different things and nothing helps,” one user writes.

The latest news from Microsoft is that there are problems affecting core Xbox Live services tonight.

While the official Xbox Live Status website has yet to be updated, a new message from the support team on Twitter confirms there are issues.

The good news is that Microsoft engineers are looking into the issues now and will hopefully have things working again soon.

“We’ve got our teams investigating sign-in issues on Xbox One consoles now. Please watch here for updates as we have them available to share,” the Microsoft message reads.

It’s unclear what has caused tonight’s Xbox One server issues or how long they might last.

If problems continue past the hour mark, it’s expected that Microsoft will release another Server Status update.