Even if you’ve never watched a single show on Netflix, chances are, you’ve heard friends, family or colleagues enthusiastically discussing some of the films and shows available on the streaming service. From Stranger Things, Love Is Blind, House Of Cards and Orange Is The New Black, to 13th, Mindhunter and Bird Box – Netflix has a healthy number of watercooler talking points under its belt. And now, you can stream some of the most talked-about titles from the subscription service for free.

Netflix scrapped its one-month free trial offer earlier this year, which used to allow skeptical streamers the opportunity to binge through an unlimited number of shows and movies for a single month before switching to a paid monthly subscription plan.

Unfortunately, that option hasn’t been reinstated. However, Netflix is still allowing newbies to enjoy a teaser of some of its best titles.

The Californian company will now allow people without an account to watch some of its show and movies, including the likes of Stranger Things, Sandra Bullock-starring horror film Bird Box, Adam Sandler’s all-star comedy Murder Mystery, and Ava DuVernay’s Emmy Award-nominated drama series When They See Us, amongst others.

For the shows, Netflix is currently only providing the first episode – after that, you’ll need to pick a subscription plan to keep watching. But the feature-length films are available in their entirety without any adverts or interruptions. You’ll be able to watch on a laptop, desktop computer, tablet or smartphone simply by heading to netflix.com/gb/watch-free.

And that’s it.

There’s a pretty good selection of stuff here – whether you prefer hard-hitting dramas (When They See Us), slapstick comedies (Murder Mystery), nature documentaries (Our Planet), dating reality TV shows (Love Is Blind), or Spanish language teen drama (Elite) …there’s something to please everyone here. The changes comes days after rival subscription gogglebox provider Sky TV confirmed plans to make one its exclusive channels free for anyone with Freeview to watch.