Your Netflix bill just got more expensive – UK price hike hits today

Streaming shows such as The Crown and Drive to Survive just got a little more expensive. Netflix has just confirmed that, from today, two of its popular plans are going up in price and it will cost some homes over £20 extra per year. The affected options include the premium tier which is now priced at £17.99 (up £2 per month) and the basics option which now costs £7.99 (up by £1).

For those not aware, Netflix Premium includes advert-free streaming along with watching on four devices at once and getting content beamed to screens in stunning 4K definition.

Netflix Basics, which is no longer available for new users, offers no adverts but you get fewer devices to watch on and there are no Ultra HD streams.

This subscribing to the £4.99 Standard with adverts plan and £10.99 Standard tier are not being hit by any hikes.

“As we deliver more value to our members, we occasionally ask them to pay a bit more,” Netflix said in a letter to shareholders. “Our starting price is extremely competitive with other streamers.”

There have been a lot of changes from Netflix over the past 12 months including introducing adverts and ending new users from signing up for the hugely popular Basics plan.

The firm has also stopped users from sharing passwords with friends and family with other users now being forced to sign up fir their own accounts.


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