Boasting more than two billion users, YouTube is the world’s most popular video viewing platform. YouTube users have a wealth of options available to customise video content.

A common request is to disable comments on a YouTube video, should the creators not wish people to comment on it.

The comments section has a controversial reputation for this with channels.

Comments can be a useful method for receiving viewers unfiltered opinions.

However, YouTube comments can also expose creators to a lot of negativity.

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Proceed by clicking the name or the thumbnail of the video you wish to work with.

Now, under the preview of the video, toggle to Advanced Settings.

Then simply untick the box found next to Allow Comments.

Finally, click Save Changes in the top-right corner of the screen.

YouTube comments: Change in policy for videos featuring children:

YouTube will no longer allow most channels featuring children to include comment sections.

This follow a controversy over predatory comments being posted on videos of children.

Only a minority of channels involving children will be allowed to include a comment sections, but even that comes with a caveat – they will be required to monitor their comments for safety.

YouTube wrote in a statement: “These channels will be required to actively moderate their comments, beyond just using our moderation tools, and demonstrate a low risk of predatory behaviour.”

YouTube also says it’s launched a better algorithm to let it automatically “identify and remove predatory comments.”