Zootopia GamePad First Mini-Game Launched to Spark Infinite Imagination and Create Endless Possibilities for Players

Zootopia is a 3D animation game produced by Disney Pictures. The film tells the story of Judy the Rabbit in an animal city where all animals coexist peacefully, through her own efforts to fulfill her childhood dream and become an animal policeman. The Walt Disney Animation Studios technical group formed the ZTP team specifically to create a digital community with access to an infinite multiverse. The NFT name of this series is designed with the theme of the movie “Zootopia”.

Zootopia is a game brand designed for the metaverse. The original members included 16 different types of critters, all of whom were the original inhabitants of Zootopia. Community ownership in Zootopia allows for a new genre of media. To become a member of Zootopia, one has to Buy NFT Box, buy NFT on the upcoming market and participate in airdrop activities.

ZOOTOPIA NFT+DEFI is called ZTP for short. At present, the team has created NFTs in the image of Cool Cat, Meditation Rabbit, Niu Walker, Minase, Panda, Monkey Warrior, etc. Subscription and pledge mining is performed in the ZTPNFT platform to obtain income, thereby allowing the NFT to generate value liquidity.

ZTP relies on the BSC network to issue ZTP tokens, with a target circulation of 50 million. As the key circulating currency of the community, ZTP tokens can be used to participate in various activities and players can also take part in voting on the community by holding ZTP. ZTP aims to establish a new set of game development and NFT pledge mining operation mode.

The developers expect that by the end of February 2023, all ZTP platform players who hold exclusive IP NFTs will be applied to the ZOOTOPIA series of Web3.0 games. ZTP tokens will be traded on Coinbase, the world’s largest digital currency exchange. The price of the ZTP token is expected to remain above $50. All NFTs will be launched on the VeVe platform, and the price of a single NFT is expected to exceed $3,000.

About the Company

Zootopia is the first ever StableSwap+NFT protocol, a revolutionary liquidity network for Stablecoins.

To know more, visit https://www.ztp.info/.

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