A Fast Track that Connects Tradition with Future: Statter Network’s Metaverse Narration

When 2021 was over, both media and industrial practitioners believed that 2021 was the first year of the metaverse.

Now the year of 2022 is reaching to its end. After one year, what’s the latest trend of the metaverse globally?

In traditional Internet industry, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has decided to invest 20% of its annual financial budget into its own metaverse project Reality Labs. Microsoft, the largest vendor of computer software in the world, is deeply concerned about the advent of metaverse era. After the acquisition of Activision Blizzard at the beginning of the year, Microsoft wants to buy Netflix in 2023, in order to enrich its game and metaverse related product lines.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Intel and Indian Bengaluru International Airport Company are working together to launch a 3D product that simulate aircrafts to take off and land in a metaverse airport. Korean game developer Nexon, of which the well-known product is Dungeon Fighter Online, launches a metaverse platform named Nexontown to simulate real-world scenarios for players.

Temasek Holdings Private Limited, the Singaporean state holding company owned by the Government of Singapore, has invested a number of metaverse projects. Another sovereign country, Saudi Arabia plans to build a futuristic city based on the concept of metaverse. The United Arab Emirates also supports the establishment of the metaverse headquarter in its territory. To create a metaverse platform and provide government services in the metaverse, the Korean government has made large investments in the metaverse sector.

Top-notch enterprises and governments are creating and operating metaverse-related products. In addition to them, international financial institutions are intrigued by the metaverse. By the end of the first quarters of 2022, there has been 120 large-amount financings related to metaverse, totaling $4 billion. The International City Bank estimates that by 2030 the global economic value of the metaverse will be worth $13 trillion.

Such nice data can fully explain the development of metaverse over the past year: the metaverse industry is growing inexorably upward.

In this super investment race, there is not much time left for investment institutions to pick lucrative projects.

Based on blockchain technology, Statter Network is a fundamental platform that offers all services for the metaverse. For institutions looking for a good target, it is the best company to invest in.

Milky Way in the Metaverse. If we compare the born of metaverse as big bang, then Statter is one of the galaxies produced by the blast –Statter galaxy in the metaverse can also be compared to the milky way. The mysterious power of the milky way forms various perfect galaxies and nebulae. This mysterious power is the core technology of Statter.

This metaphor effectively illustrates the metaverse narration of Statter Network. It not only wants to create a blockchain-based metaverse technology platform, but also a highly efficient and secure metaverse ecosystem to better serve metaverse’s developers, users, and creators.

Statter galaxy’s core power. The core of the Statter galaxy in metaverse is Statter. How did the countless stars (satellite chains) that orbit the galactic ecosystem come into being?

The core technology of Statter is its drag-and-drop public blockchain technology. It is the key part of Statter. Developers can select basic functional modules, components and consensus algorithms based on their own demands and business features. Drag-and-drop technology allows the creation of a public blockchain that suits users’ own business. The whole process is as easy as building blocks. The newly created public blockchains become satellite chains that revolve around Statter. Such technology makes it possible to create more satellite chains in the Statter’s ecosystem and gradually form a larger and larger Statter galaxy.

Statter galaxy that contains various opportunities. Stars inside the Statter do not exist in isolation. Like human beings exploring and moving across the universe, stars are closely related to one another inside the ecosystem of Statter galaxy. After all, there are numerous business opportunities, vigorous products, and highly efficient media tools in this galaxy.

Multi-chain and Multi-consensus Parallel System. Statter adopts a special SPoW consensus to maintain its operation. This is a fragmented proof of work method. Satellite chains that are based on Statter can choose to adopt SPoW mechanism or PoW, PoS, PoC, DPoS and other mechanisms, or even create a new mechanism and submit it to Statter. All of these are acceptable. Such parallel structure of multiple chains and consensus has features of extensiveness, isolation, high performance, and interconnectivity. It works well in many different metaverse applications.

Cross-chain digital identity consensus. When people migrate across different galaxies, how to keep their identities and assets? A consistent identity is necessary for interactions between various chains and ecosystems. For example, the transfer of assets and data requires a commonly recognized identity to mark and identify. Statter adopts DID aggregation protocol, which provides services like DID data indexing, DID verification and connection, and DID data aggregation. The DID aggregation protocol gathers all the digital identities on different chains in the ecosystem and adopt a unified digital way to release and verify the standards and facilitate digital interconnectivity across the chains and ecosystems. Statter’s cross-chain bridge can change protocols and adapt other public blockchain’s protocols to Statatter’s cross-chain protocol to achieve communication of protocols. It also supports the transfer of assets, intelligent contract orders and information between different public blockchains.

High-speed communication technology. High-speed communication is crucial for interstellar travel. Likewise, the speed of big data transfer between different ecosystems is a major issue for Statter galaxy as well. Statter adopts the technology of scaling with sharding and DAG. The sharding technology enables parallel tasks. DAG (Direct Acyclic Graph) high speed asynchronous technology can concurrently write data into transactions. With 100,000 level TPS on a single chain, transactions can be confirmed in a matter of seconds.

Stars with a clear division of labor. Each star in the milky way, including Mars and Moon, serves a specific purpose. Statter galaxy works in a similar way. Statter uses multi-layer structure with high cohesion & low coupling. The basic protocol layer makes sure the network is secure and decentralized; the middle layer (the core layer) provides decentralized digital identity management, pluggable consensus mechanism, safe and intelligent contract engine, cross-chain data interaction and decentralized ledger storage; the application layer offers transactions, computation, storage, and network transmission services with scalability; the multi-layer structure has distinct functions for each layer, which helps achieve high cohesion and low coupling.

The commonly used metaverse currency STT. If we compare BTC to the only currency accepted by the public to circulate in Mars, then STT is the only valuable certificate in Statter metaverse. STT mining is in accordance with SPoW consensus mechanism. All STT coins will be mined by qualified mining rigs. STT can be used for payment or transfer without any barriers across the Statter ecosystem or any satellite chains. For example, STT can be used to enter metaverse games, pay transaction fees or join Defi to earn money, etc.

In conclusion, Statter Network is a blockchain technology platform in the near term. In the long run, it will expand into a sizable metaverse galaxy, with all necessary technologies, applications, currencies, and rules to safeguard freedom and equity. Statter Network is the best way to access the metaverse via traditional Internet. Many sovereign foundations and investment institutions are on their way to Statter.

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