Bamboo Flute Player MA Xue Personal Pnterview ¦ Chinese Folk Music Belongs To The Chinese Nation & Also Belongs To The World

The beauty of a civilization finds concrete expression in the classic works of philosophy and social sciences and works of literature, music, film and TV drama. Now, a large number of outstanding Chinese Folk Music are brought into the world, which is the crystallization of human creation, and each music is beautiful in its own way. We should keep our own music dynamic and create conditions for other musics to flourish. Together we can make the garden of world musics colorful and vibrant.

A series of melodious flute sounds came from the classroom, and MA Xue, a musicology major, sat in the classroom, deeply immersed in the elegant and charming flute sound of the bamboo flute teacher. In MA Xue’s eyes, the bamboo flute teacher at that moment emitted an intoxicating light, and the haze on her body and mind suddenly dissipated. After that class, MA Xue immersed herself in the development and knowledge of bamboo flutes until many years later, when she stood alone in a grand solo concert of bamboo flutes.

Bamboo Flute Player MA Xue Personal Pnterview ¦ Chinese Folk Music Belongs To The Chinese Nation & Also Belongs To The World

MA Xue, a native of Anhui, graduated from Nanjing University of the Arts with a master’s degree in Chinese musical instrument performance. Now he is also a member of the Chinese National Orchestra Society, a judge of the first gourd silk bat bamboo flute invitation competition in Anhui Province, and a judge of the 2021 Anhui Provincial Musicians Association Listening Examination.

  • Love Can Last A Long Time

Bamboo flute, the name of the Han musical instrument, is a traditional Chinese musical instrument. The flute is a widely circulated wind instrument in China, which is also called “bamboo flute” because it is made of natural bamboo. It’s not like the advertising slogans that music agencies on the market often play: a month to get a quick guitar, a week to learn to play and sing ukulele, etc. Bamboo flutes circulate in a wide area and have many varieties. The most common ones used are the Qu Flute, the Zi Flute, and the Tune Flute. There are also Yuping flute, seven-hole flute, piccolo flute and shun flute. The varieties of bamboo flutes alone can already be introduced for a long time, not to mention learning them all and integrating them. MA Xue was also struggling to contact the bamboo flute at the beginning, she did not expect that the bamboo flute that seemed to have a simple structure had such a great knowledge, the technique was slightly wrong, and the tone was completely different. At first, MA Xue also thought about giving up the bamboo flute to study, but every time she heard the melodious flute sound coming from the campus, the flame that was about to be extinguished in her heart was burned again.

In the tedious training of constantly learning and practicing and practicing so repeatedly, the door of the bamboo flute world finally slowly opened to MA Xue. In the process of in-depth study, MA Xue has a better understanding of the history of the bamboo flute, in addition to the long history of development, the bamboo flute also has a strong Chinese national characteristics, the pronunciation is emotional, tactful, so it is called the dragon yin, the ancients called “the sound of the sweeping”.

From understanding and love, from contact to familiarity, love allowed MA Xue to successfully enter the world of bamboo flute, and later entered the Nanjing Academy of Arts as a professional master of Chinese musical instrument performance for more in-depth research and study, laying the foundation for MA Xue to become a national music communicator.

  • We Need To Uphold The Beauty Of Civilization & The Diversity Of Civilizations

In the process of rapid social development, fast-moving consumer products, short videos and other instantaneous products flood people’s lives, integrated into all aspects of social life, it seems that everything should pay attention to a fast word. However, many traditional Chinese cultures need to be studied for many years and need to be carefully tasted, such as ordering tea, unloading puppet shows, shakuhachi, etc., of which shakuhachi is a kind of bamboo flute.

In MA Xue’s view, the loss of the traditional culture of the Chinese nation is a very regrettable and heart-wrenching thing, which makes people have a feeling of intentionally or unintentionally losing the treasures they carry on their bodies because they are in a hurry, and only after losing them do they feel that these treasures are the most precious things in the world, and it is a pity to lose them.

Traditional musical instruments such as the bamboo flute are now less and less people to understand and learn, is the traditional instrument without charm? MA Xue believes that it is not, she feels that traditional musical instruments lack a platform or character that society and even the world can discover and fall in love with. “Maybe this character can be me.” MA Xue replied.

  • Chinese Folk Music Is National And Global

Based on the love of bamboo flute culture and the dilemma faced by traditional music culture, MA Xue, a Chinese instrument playing major, felt that she could not sit still, she believed that she had the ability and obligation to promote those forgotten but still infinitely attractive cultures to the nation and the world, so MA Xue was determined to be a communicator of national culture, in fact, she really did it.

Before MA Xue graduated, he began to participate in the competition and won many awards, such as the bronze medal of the 2015 3rd Hong Kong International Ethnic Instrumental Music Competition Finals, and the gold medal of the 2015 Jiangsu Youth Bamboo Flute Competition. After graduation, MA Xue was also invited to join the Chinese National Orchestral Society as an outstanding bamboo flute player, and these experiences all confirmed that MA Xue is striving to become a sufficiently qualified cultural communicator.

Not only that, in addition to studying the culture of the bamboo flute itself, MA Xue also studied the application or problems of the bamboo flute in different fields and time. Her thesis on music education in mountainous areas, “A Brief Discussion on the Importance of Music Education in Mountain Areas”, in this paper, MA Xue focuses on the problem of music education in mountainous areas of the whole society, and profoundly and sharply points out the shortcomings of music education in mountainous areas based on the understanding and investigation of music education in mountainous areas, and puts forward four feasible suggestions, this paper profoundly wakes up the alarm bell of contemporary society on the problem of music education in mountainous areas, and also puts forward different development directions for music education in mountainous areas. Another article, “On the New Techniques and Theme Performance of Bamboo Flute Performance During the Cultural Revolution”, MA Xue studied the role played by the era of musical aesthetics in the special period on the development of bamboo flute art, which also has a reference role in the development of national musical instrument culture in the new era.

“Chinese Folk Music is national and world”, this is the concept that MA Xue has always adhered to, only if the world culture is diverse, the world will be wonderful, prosperous, and interesting. Recalling the melodious flute song he heard in the university classroom, MA Xue said: I will still be deeply attracted to it and willing to run for it for a lifetime.


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