Base On NFT, FaithLand opens the door to the metaverse, and the only token FT will be officially launched on 8.8

The concept of the metaverse quickly came out of the circle, the NFT project exploded, and the GameFi track was all-around hot. This series of chain reactions prompted the emergence of FaithLand.

Base On NFT, FaithLand opens the door to the metaverse, and the only token FT will be officially launched on 8.8

As we all know, NFT games are not new. As early as 2017, the CryptoKitties game deployed on Ethereum was the initial version of the Play to Earn chain game. It was not until the fire of Axie Inifinity, which led to the start of the Play to Earn boom, that the long-silent NFT game broke out. At this time, people finally realized the potential behind the combination of games and blockchain technology, especially as interesting concepts like the metaverse gained attention in the mainstream media, and games were widely regarded as the most important part of the metaverse. Therefore, “NFT + metaverse + GameFi”have become a new track for global blockchain enthusiasts to pursue profits.

In a certain corner of the Metaverse, there is a group of dimensional humans with strong beliefs. It is said that they live in a universe called Faith Continent and have many followers of the Faith. One day, in the metaverse dimension of 2022, the leader of the faith found that in the parallel metaverse, the flames of countless civilizations were scattered, and 1,200 wonders fell from the sky. These wonders have deeply attracted countless followers, the wind of faith will blow, and the fire of civilization will sweep the world and burn. Era 2022, which belongs to the Faith Continent, is coming quietly!

FaithLand is a new continent of faith that exists in the metaverse of the digital age. In the continent of faith, we will experience the epitome of the development of human civilization and wealth. Players from all over the world can go to the Stone Age of Faith Continent 10,000 years ago, breed civilization in the wilderness, and nourish wealth with faith.

The leader of FaithLand, integrating the metaverse concept of the blockchain world into the development of the continent, combined with the special value of NFT, gives all followers of faith enough space to give full play to their imaginations. In FaithLand, the first batch of 1,200 gold diggers will be set up, and each of them will have a civilization spectacle NFT. They will be scattered in all corners of FaithLand to take root and build their own civilization from scratch. Then recruit more followers to build village settlements, and use reputation points to consecrate to obtain Faith belief tokens. With the development of the village, it will be gradually upgraded to towns, countries, federations, and even the highest level of civilization!

FaithLand uses NFT as the carrier for the value circulation of game assets, and takes PLAY TO EARN as the core mechanism. All FaithLand believers create gameplay or execute models in the game through game rules, build their own metaverse, and obtain more NFT assets . Here, believers can experience a variety of game experiences in the Faith Continent. Whether it is an economic system or a life model, here believers can freely express information and exchange assets without time, identity, economic conditions and other restrictions. As long as you enter the Faith Continent, you will get an excellent sense of experience and more benefits.

FaithLand perfectly restores the underlying logic of the real world. Believers can make money through games, so that games are not only limited to fun, but also have relatively high asset attributes. As a GameFi game project that integrates NFT, Metaverse, and DeFi gameplay, FaithLand combines the underlying contract technology architecture of the blockchain and the complete embedded user experience in the game to build a scientific economic system and trading system, creating an ultimate for believers. game experience.

Faith Faith Token FT is the only value token in FaithLand. In the entire Faith Continent, it will realize circulation at the incentive layer and application level, and build the FaithLand economic ecology. Obtaining more NFT tokens will make your Faith Land more valuable, and at the same time, you can mine more wealth of FaithLand in the metaverse era.

In FaithLand, there are a total of seven stages

Stage 1: Civilization Appointment

Seven days before the launch of civilization, the registration binding will be opened, and one of the 1,200 civilization wonders NFTs will be reserved in advance. Each wallet address can only have 1 Wonders of Civilization NFT, and village NFT subscription does not require an appointment.

Stage 2: Civilization Wonders NFT Sale

Hair style: cast in three phases, a total of 1200

A total of 600 pieces in the first phase Price: 600u/piece

A total of 300 pieces in the second phase Price: 660u/piece

A total of 300 pieces in the third phase Price: 700u/piece

The third stage: Faith, the token of faith, goes online

The total issuance is: 100 million

Among them, 95 million (95%): NFT output

1 million (1%): for market value management

2 million (2%): used for technical support (20% will be released in the first month, 80% will be released linearly in 36 months after being locked for 1 year)

2 million (2%): 2 million for operation (20% will be released in the first month, 80% will be released linearly in 36 months after being locked for 1 year)

Stage 4: Village NFT Sale

Total issuance: 20,000

Issue value: 100U/piece

Stage 5: Prestige Packages Open

In Faith Continent, reputation points can be used to enshrine wonders/village NFTs, where:

lThe wonder NFT produces FT tokens every day and needs to use 25% of the purchased prestige for the wonder worship, which is consumed every hour

lThe village NFT produces FT tokens every day and needs to use 30% of the prestige purchased for the village worship, which is consumed every hour

Package Contents:

25 RP worth 0.5FT tokens

50 RP worth 1FT token

100 RP worth 2FT tokens

200 RP worth 4FT tokens

Stage 6: Village NFT Upgrade

In Faith Continent, there are V1-V5 levels, namely village, town, country, federation, and civilization. All believers can upgrade their NFT level according to the rules and obtain more benefits.

The rights and benefits enjoyed by each level vary with the level, the greater the level, the higher the income, the more FT pieces obtained, and the shorter the income doubling period. Among them, V1 village NFT doubles the income in 90 days and can get 5.3 FT per day; V5 civilization NFT doubles the income in 25 days and can get 304.7 FT per day.

About upgrading: Village NFT can use 2 cards to synthesize and upgrade 1 advanced card, and the original card will be destroyed. At the same time, the corresponding amount of prestige points will be given away

Stage 7: Civilization Wonders NFT Upgrade

The wonders of civilization have a supreme status in FaithLand. The wonders have five levels of F1-F5, which are dull, admiring, prestigious, famous, and ancient. The upgrade requires corresponding FT tokens and USDT, and there are strict regulations on the degree of civilization, so in FaithLand, if you have absolute strength, you must attack the highest level and become the leader of the civilization tribe.

As the only circulation token on FaithLand, FT will realize circulation at the incentive layer and application level, and build the FaithLand economic ecology. Believers can earn FT by completing a series of scenarios in the clan. In FaithLand, each NFT character has its own uniqueness, rarity and unique advantages. These components are considered valuable digital assets and can be traded in the cryptocurrency market or NFT market.

According to official news, FaithLand has reached ecological cooperation with BSC, Flow, SOLANA, POLYGON, AVALANCHE, RNDR, BOSON, ONG, TVK, K7DAO, THETA, etc. FaithLand and its partners will integrate resources and advantages, and strive to create a new ecology of metaverse games that is recyclable, sustainable, and earns while playing.

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