Berry Exchange – Simple Earn, unlock your personal income

According to statistics, there are nearly ten thousand digital asset exchanges of different sizes at present. Berry Exchange has answered the question of how to occupy a place in the complicated market and develop its own trading era.

Public information shows that Berry Exchange is dedicated to building a global one-stop cryptocurrency trading platform. Since its establishment, Berry Exchange has always placed customers as the core of product development and platform upgrading. To provide high-quality service and trading experience to investors, Berry Exchange has specially launched Simple Earn for global investors. Provide convenient value-added services for investors’ account balances.

What is Berry Exchange Simple Earn?

Berry Exchange Simple Earn is a currency value-added product. 90% of the platform’s leveraged currency interest income will be distributed according to the proportion of currency in users’ financial accounts. Berry Exchange users can easily enjoy the income brought by the financial account every day after transferring their idle assets into the account. The interest is calculated daily and there is no minimum deposit limit.

Simple operation, low threshold, zero commission and easy to Earn extra income are four strong advantages of BERRY EXCHANGE Simple Earn. Through the introduction of the following rules, you can have a deeper understanding of Simple Earn.

Berry Exchange Simple Earn

1. Flexible access, easy to gain benefit

Berry Exchange Simple Earn can deposit and withdraw assets at any time, and you can get income upon the corresponding settlement time.

2. Transparent rules and convenient settlement.

Deposit the assets in Simple Earn before 22:00 on the same day, and the proceeds will be settled at 19:00 on the next day.

The assets will be deposited in Simple Earn after 22:00 on the same day, and the proceeds will be settled at 19:00 on the third day.

Example: Deposit assets into Simple Earn before 22:00 on November 1st, and the proceeds will be settled at 19:00 on November 2nd; After 22:00 on November 1st, the assets will be deposited into Simple Earn, and the proceeds will be settled at 19:00 on November 3rd.

3. There is no ceiling, and the income is considerable

There is no limit to the amount of money you can deposit on BERRY EXCHANGE Simple Earn, so you can earn substantial profits in the long run.

Example: If Simple Earn earns 0.3% on the day and deposits 1,000 USDT, you earn 3USDT at settlement.

As a global one-stop cryptocurrency trading platform, Berry Exchange has always provided security and high-yield services for global cryptocurrency investors. User safety above all else is one of Berry Exchange ‘s tenets. Berry Exchange insists on three aspects of security, namely safe storage, security protection and security guarantee. This is inseparable from Berry Exchange ‘s independent and powerful founding team and technical operation team. Berry Exchange’s technical engineers are all from well-known encryption companies at home and abroad, with rich industry resources and years of industry development experience. The strong team has built the foundation for success. Berry Exchange ‘s high standards, strict requirements and unrivalled technological algorithms have enabled the team to form its own mace in trading — ” Berry Exchange Standard”, which selects high-quality potential currencies for users and provides high-quality products and services according to Berry Exchange standard.

In the future, Berry Exchange will continue to expand its strategic territory based on the world, continue to practice higher compliance standards in the industry, create a reliable and safe trading environment with leading technology, rich experience and professional services, provide convenient and reliable investment product experience for global investors, and help investors to allocate global financial assets with one click.

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