Bitbank wallet received tens of millions of dollars of investment

Bitbank, a digital asset wallet under the British bridgechain fund, recently received tens of millions of US dollars of strategic investment, including German new capital, BDG capital and other international institutions. This financing also marks that digital currency is increasingly trusted by international traditional capital.

The team of BridgeChain Fund brings together many elites such as JPMorgan Chase and fidelity. After years of quantitative investment operation, it has accumulated rich investment experience, with a total scale of billions of dollars. It has successfully invested in international well-known blockchain projects such as Ruibo, Ethereum and EOS, and achieved nearly 100 times of income!

Bitbank, a digital asset wallet invested and developed by bridge chain fund, is a digital asset wealth management wallet. When users deposit usdt, they can obtain certain interest, with an annual income of 7% – 180%. Through professional trading team and investment team, they can make rational use of funds and maximize users’ income! The wallet has the characteristics of convenient storage, strong investment flexibility and stable income. After going online, it has been sought after by users in many countries!

Relying on the eight industries under the bridge chain fund and using advanced technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data analysis, the bridge chain fund has created a super intelligent and advanced quantitative trading service platform, which provides AI quantitative analysis and financial investment related services for blockchain digital asset investment lovers.

The fund’s profit direction mainly includes the following aspects: 1. Liquidity mining income: defi machine gun pool. For different currencies (such as CRV, YFV, sushi, etc.) with the same algorithm, the fund can schedule to the optimal income currency through smart contract for liquidity mining

2. Income from brick moving: gain from left-hand and right-hand trading by intelligently detecting the price difference between currencies of various exchanges

3. Quantitative income: the quantitative robot independently developed by the dynamic fund carries out high-frequency low purchase and high sale to obtain stable income

4. Mining Revenue: mining investment is a major physical investment of bitbank. As early as 2015, we started bitcoin mining and made huge profits. Through long-term comparison, we found that bitcoin mining is the safest and stable investment. Even the scrapped machines can still be sold as second-hand chips, and the continuous output is like a hen laying eggs, making a million profits.

5. Spot trading income: digital currency spot trading mainly deals with mainstream currencies such as bitcoin, Ethereum, Anping, Taiwan dollar and BNB

6. Mortgage loan income: bridge chain fund borrows some digital currencies to obtain high interest

Bitbank’s fund management team closely monitors the investment and financial management data, reasonably controls the amount and liquidity, and ensures the safety of funds while ensuring the income of users. Bitbank will prepare 100% reserves to ensure that customers’ funds can be deposited and withdrawn at any time!

As a well managed and well funded fund company, we must have a number of investment skills to ensure the diversification of customers’ funds. Therefore, we have also invested in other ecological sectors, including media, games, cross-border e-commerce, finance and other fields, so as to reduce investment risks.

With the support of strong capital background, relying on high-end technology and excellent service, bitbank aims to become one of the best digital asset wallets in the world in the next three years!

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