STARNFT Officially Released On Open Sea For Facilitating Buying Of Digital Artworks

The popularity of non-fungible tokens or NFT has attracted one particular platform – Loong. Loong is a platform for people who love art and artistic creation, where people can upload, create, sell, buy and collect digital collections. On Loong, a new NFT called STARNFT was recently launched. The NFT was developed by using smart contract technology so as to build IP, digital rights, products in the chain, while developers focused on rights confirmation, storage and other services, as well as professional strength to maximize the value of data.

A total of 140 copies of the artwork, divided into two series named “The Palace Museum’s Top Ten Paintings and Calligraphy” and “Sichuan brocade, Sichuan embroidery”, were simultaneously launched on the Open Sea platform, and all of the artworks were uploaded to IPFS permanent storage, where the artworks cannot be tampered with. Users can find the works by searching STARNFTV3 on Opensea. Both the new collections can be used for blind box activity. If users buy any of them, they can join the lucky draw queue. Winners can download the Loong app from the app store or refer to the official website of Loong.

The Palace Museum’s Top Ten Paintings and Calligraphy” series are a collection of artworks, including “Mid-Autumn Festival Post”, “Preface to the Orchid Pavilion”, “Bathing Horse”, “Night Banquet of Han Xizai”,”five NiuTu”, “Lady Waving a Fan”, “Bu nian”, “Goddess Of Luo fu”, “Thousands of Miles of Rivers and Mountains”, and “Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival”. Behind each painting is a moving historical story. It vividly and perfectly shows the historical value and incomparable artistic value of national treasures. In accordance with the same proportion of the size of the original painting and calligraphy, the artwork adopts the banknote paper known as “paper gold” and the high-end reproduction technology of cultural relic DGA. The whole volume is super clear and mounted in antique silk. Even the material of the scroll is perfectly reproduced, which is as lifelike as the original collection and has academic value comparable to the original.

The series “Sichuan brocade, Sichuan embroidery” includes four artworks, namely “Shu brocade shu Embroidery”, “Shu brocade Spring Herald”, “Fu Chun Mountain Dwelling”, “Shu embroidery Household Fairy” and “Eight Horses in the Golden Age”. Shu brocade and shu embroidery are both Intangible cultural heritages of China. After thousands of years of development and interpretation, they have accumulated profound culture and exquisite skills. They are not only magical of art, but also artistic stunts, which are worth collecting.

“STARNFT uses blockchain technology to determine the ownership of the digital world, and also lays an important foundation for the meta-universe. We will continue to empower the industry with technology, link trust with technology, and jointly promote the digitalization of industrial collaboration”, one of the developers said.


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