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Call of Duty fans can take part in the Vanguard beta on PS5 and PS4.

Available to PlayStation pre-order customers, the Vanguard beta runs until 6pm BST on September 13.

A second beta will take place the following weekend, only this time it will be available on all platforms.

Whether you’re playing this weekend or the next, the Call of Duty Vanguard beta is packed full of content.

This includes the newly introduced Champion Hill mode, which is described as a multi-arena survival tournament, “where tactics and strategy combine with quick-action, close-quarter gunplay”.

The Vanguard beta also includes classic game modes like Team Deathmatch, Domination and Kill Confirmed.

Elsewhere, fans can check out the brand new Patrol multiplayer mode, which features moving objectives across three different maps.

If you want to level up and unlock the bonus Weapon Blueprint, the tips below (provided by Activision) will help you destroy the opposition and emerge victorious.

Call of Duty Vanguard beta tips and tricks…

Build your weapon to dominate any battle

When choosing a loadout for Multiplayer, players will be gearing up at the Gunsmith within Create-a-Class.

An evolution of a system first introduced in Modern Warfare (2019), the Gunsmith will now feature up to 10 attachment slots on certain weapons, allowing for thousands of additional possibilities to help with nearly every combat scenario and playstyle.

Ammo type plays a more important role than ever

Shotguns can now be outfitted with a “Buck Slug,” which is a shell filled with short-range buckshot and a slug round for longer range.

This combination is just one way that ammo can change for weaponry — expect other attachments that adjust a weapon’s caliber up or down to affect bullet penetration, fire rate, and more.

Plentiful options for those that like close combat

Those who would rather bring a knife to a gunfight should know that Riot Shields are returning in addition to two melee options: a standard-issue knife at launch and a bayonet charge for weapons that can equip this underbarrel blade.

And to counter those hand-to-hand combat fiends, Akimbo will return for select weapons, making for a high-powered, yet less accurate, close-quarters option.

Destroy the environment to destroy your enemies

Once you have a weapon, it’s time to tear through the map to defeat your enemies.

Tactical destruction was a driving force for Sledgehammer’s innovations to this game’s engine, so expect to blast through specific weak walls, break down doors and windows, or destroy tiles, scenery, structures, and other objects to flush out those pesky campers.

Mounting, Sliding and Blindfiring your way to victory

When you find cover behind sturdy objects, you now have two options for firing back aside from normal hip or aim-down-sights fire: the first is mounting, which returns from previous games, though Operators can additionally “slide” their mounted weapon along the vertical or horizontal surface to move around.

The other is blindfire — at the sacrifice of some accuracy, this maneuver allows for better cover in situations where you’re about to experience suppressing fire.

Choose your Perks wisely

Both Operator Perks and Weapon Perks — now known as Proficiencies — make a return, with some of these augmentations affecting movement and firing techniques.

For example, the Lightweight Perk allows for increased speed, including with Tactical Sprinting, while the Weapon Perk Gung-Ho, which is active when using a weapon with it “attached,” allows for an Operator to fire this weapon while sprinting.

Then there are Field Upgrades — yes, Dead Silence will return, and its active time will be extended through earning kills.

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