iPhone charger warning: Fake Apple Lightning cable steals your data

Hackers can then connect from their own device, using an interface in an ordinary browser.

From this spot, keystrokes can be logged and malicious payloads can be delivered to iPhone devices.

The release of the new O.MG cable was highlighted by Motherboard, who spoke to its maker MG.

MG explained the latest O.MG cable has geofencing features, which means payloads can be triggered based on the physical location of it.

MG said: “It pairs well with the self-destruct feature if an OMG Cable leaves the scope of your engagement and you do not want your payloads leaking or being accidentally run against random computers”.

The O.MG cable comes in a number of variations, including USB-A and USB-C formats

It is able to log keystrokes from anything it is connected to, including iPhones, iPads and Mac keyboards.

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