Cardinal Art NFT: The Next-gen NFT Platform for Everyone!

While the NFT industry has experienced explosive growth in the last few years, it is still in its early stages and has not yet reached a wider audience. Thankfully, other innovative companies are sprouting to bridge the obvious gaps in the NFT industry. One such company is Cardinal Art NFT.

Cardinal Art is an NFT platform that allows creators to upload and sell virtual assets on a digital marketplace. NFTs are custom digital tokens that can be bought, sold, or traded using real-world currencies.

It is a membership platform catered to connecting different web3.0 builders and businesses from different parts of the world and cultures. Holding a Cardinal NFT will give you the exclusive design’s IP rights and community access. Cardinal NFT is a 10k collection launched on MATIC (ETH Layer2)

Launched and backed by the luxury business owners’ community in Asia, Cardinal NFT holders can access those high-end events and gala hosted by the community or project founding team. Cardinal has recently finished its series A funding with reputable fund houses. An interview with an inside source was revealed. Its estimate of over 10m has been raised in this round of seed funding.

The inspiration for NFT design came from the northern cardinal bird, with a strong shade of burning red of passion. Their persistence to last through the cold winter rather than flee from it is the very spirit of our motto. Cardinal community is built to be long-lasting and able to persist till the rise of the community. With a passion for web 3.0 and NFT space, red is this collection’s very choice of color. Triangle shapes give off a stable base for Cardinal NFT, symbolizing stability.

Cardinal NFT is a brand built solely focusing on virtual and IRL business IP., connecting and bridging web two owners with web3 players. IP and network is the most valuable asset.

Like most web3-based companies out there, Cardinal Art NFT operates a DAO management. DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a decentralized organization that runs on smart contracts. The platform has a group of business individuals who forms a group that can make decisions about what happens in the company.

These groups of individuals vote on certain actions they’ll like featured in the organization, similar to how shareholders vote in a traditional corporation. They can use their voting power to decide how the company’s affairs are managed.

The Cardinal Art NFT roadmap includes a series of planned updates and activities that the development team has envisaged to help scale be platform and make it more sustainable in the long run. Developers and influencers within the platform are working to grab a large part of the market share by getting more people to buy the Cardinal Art offerings. This will happen through four thought-out NFT Sales phases.

  • The Pre-phase stage, which began on 15th Sept 2022, targeted 1000 Cardinal Art NFT sales.
  • The Phase 1 stage, which will start a month after on 15th Oct 2022, targets 2000 Cardinal Art NFT sales.
  • The Phase 2 stage, which will start on 15th Dec 2022, hopes to make 3000 Cardinal Art NFT sales.
  • Phase 3 will start on 15th Feb 2023 and target 4000 Cardinal Art NFT sales.

In case you are curious, all Cardinal Art NFT designs are in-house and original. Cardinal aspires to self-develop its unique IP without referencing other NFTs that are already in existence.

Cardinal Art NFT is launching on 21st Sept 2022. Unfortunately, the platform only had very little allocation for whitelisting. But as a way to compensate, it has a very strong presence with business clubs & associations, the web 3.0 community & creators who are hungry for Cardinal NFTs. Follow up on their activities on social media for whitelist announcements and events on

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